Video Review of Onyx Boox Max (and Max Carta)

Onyx Boox Max Carta

Onyx released an updated version of their 13.3-inch ereader last month called the Onyx Boox Max Carta.

It has an upgraded higher-resolution E Ink screen with greater pixel density than the first generation Max but it’s otherwise the same exact device as the original model.

Both run Android software and have an electromagnetic screen for stylus touch, but there’s no finger touch or a frontlight.

Someone recently uploaded a video review on YouTube showing both the original Onyx Boox Max and newer Onyx Boox Max Carta in action.

The video walks through some of the main PDF features and shows how things work with note-taking.

The first part of the video shows the original Max and second part about notes shows the Carta version.

It’s rather odd that the reviewer didn’t compare the screen difference between the two models but I guess it doesn’t really matter now that the Carta model has replaced the original and there’s no reason not to get the newer one.

Onyx Boox Max Carta Review

5 Responses to “Video Review of Onyx Boox Max (and Max Carta)”

  1. I imagine there is a hefty price tag.

  2. I owned Boox Max and now I have the Max Carta e-reader. After comparing texts, diagrams and images I reached the conclusion there is a visible improvement on rendering them. The letters, including the very small ones are more clear, the black is more saturated, the background is whiter, the contrast is better and details like the hair of a tiger are clearer.

    Otherwise it is the same device with its strengths and weaknesses. Max Carta does not yet have an upgrade to Android 4.4 available, but I understood from Onyx that it is a matter of weeks. For the other model (Boox Max) you can already download the upgrade to 4.4, but it is not the official final version. Some issues are still being addressed before they release the official upgrade.

    On the forums there are mixed views about the upgrade to KitKat 4.4, but that’s because the release is not a final upgrade, but a beta version.

  3. If it’s a better screen but same crappy software, then it’ll be more or less same same.

    • Is your name Michael Kozlovski? Because the customer reviews for your e-reader and customer care are crushingly negative.

      Just to settle the things. The software from Onyx is not perfect but it does a good job and has many useful features for the users. It is the result of years of hard work by their engineers. They are coming with updates every 2 months and do hear what the customers want for them to improve. I personally communicate on a regular basis with Onyx and tell them what the problems are, while making proposals. To be honest, they have included some of my requests in past updates and explained me when other wishes were not doable in the near future and why.

      To come here and say these hard working people do a crappy work is an insult. They are pioneers (together with Sony) in a domain where no other company dared or cared to invest (i.e. the 13.3 inch e-readers).

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