Anyone Ever Use Kindle Word Runner to Read eBooks?

Kindle Word Runner

A couple years ago Amazon introduced a new feature on Fire tablets and the Kindle Android app called Word Runner that’s a completely different way to read.

Word Runner only shows one word at a time on the screen. You just keep your eyes focused on the center of the screen as the words change on their own.

You can control the speed of the words and scroll back and forth by swiping the screen if you miss something.

It’s a really unusual way to read. It’s supposed to make you read faster and help build up your reading speed.

At the end of each chapter it shows results for how many words per minute you can read so you can challenge yourself to read faster.

I tried Word Runner when it first came out but I didn’t feel the need to use it again after that, and I never hear anything about people using Word Runner since.

Does anyone use this feature regularly? If so has it helped improve your reading speed? What about reading retention?

Kindle Word Runner

7 Responses to “Anyone Ever Use Kindle Word Runner to Read eBooks?”

  1. i was actually SUPER pumped when they announce it, back in the days the method of “flashing” words in that way people swear it was the next big thing in speed reading. So it came out, and i used it… once… ! i didn’t feel comfortable, its just a strange and non-comprehensive way to read. Also prefent you from thinking, taking notes and highlight. these things are SUPER important during reading (some) books

    However, i appreciate the option, maybe i should check it out again and try it with articles and novels and not non-fiction and self development books

  2. I was interested way back when but, for obvious reasons, the feature never made it to e-readers. Since I only read on e-readers and not phones/tablets I have never tried it.

  3. Depends what you’re reading, I suppose, but for me it defeats the purpose of reading for enjoyment. I don’t care about speed reading when doing so, I care about getting lost in the story.

    Personally, I can’t do that when words/phrases are rushing by. Of course, I also can’t do that with audio books because I get continually distracted so perhaps it’s just me.

  4. I tried it a few times, but don’t care for it, since it goes against the way we actually read. Only beginning readers read one word at a time. Those of us who read for enjoyment, scan ahead several words so our brain can process words in groups, rather than one at a time.

    In college I took a class where we studied different readers. We watched their eyes as they read a page. What we found was faster readers move their eyes slowly down the page, focusing once or twice per line as they moved down. So picture a line of 10 words, your eyes will hit around word 3 and again around word 7 before you move to the next line.

    Word Runner destroys what your brain does naturally, so it slows your reading considerably.

  5. Tried it once and found it interesting and not unpleasant, but I’d need something like gaze detection added to it to auto-pause when I look away to ponder something or respond to a distraction. The Brake function would be more useful to me if it’d switch the display to full page with the pause point highlighted, rather than an interface for scrolling back a word at a time.

  6. I never used it, and I don’t like the concept

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