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Sony DPT-RP1

New 13.3-inch Sony DPT-RP1 Now Available to Pre-Order for $699

Sony’s second generation 13.3-inch E Ink PDF ereader gets released in June. Up until now it’s only been shown as available in Japan, but now Sony has started accepting pre-orders for the new DPT-RP1 in the United States. Both Amazon and B&H have the new Sony listed to pre-order for $699, with the release date […]

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Boyue T80

Boyue T80 eReader with 8-inch E Ink Screen and Android OS

A couple days ago I posted about the Boyue T62 Mega that recently turned up for pre-order on Banggood for $120. They also have another new listing for a second Boyue ereader that’s available to pre-order for $196, the Boyue T80. It’s not exactly new, however. Last year at this time it was selling under […]

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Japan Display E Ink

Are 400 and 600 ppi E Ink Screens the Wave of the Future?

Yesterday Japan Display announced plans to develop higher resolution epaper displays through a recent partnership with E Ink Holdings, makers of E Ink screens. With resolutions of 400 ppi (pixels per inch) and 600 ppi, the new backplanes that Japan Display has developed are the highest resolution epaper displays in the world, they claim. Current […]

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Boyue T62 Mega

Boyue T62 Mega eReader with 300 PPI Carta and Android for $120

Boyue Technology has released several Android-powered E Ink ebook readers over the past few years, sometimes under other company’s names, and now they’ve got another version of the T62 that’s just turned up on Banggood. The Boyue T62 Mega is available for pre-order for $120 USD with free shipping. It’s expected to get released a […]

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Anyone Like Using Web Browsers on E Ink eReaders?

Does anyone actually like using the web browser on their E Ink ereader regularly? Sometimes this question comes up: what ebook reader has the best web browser? I’m never quite sure how to answer the question because the truth of the matter is E Ink ereaders and web browsers aren’t a very good combination to […]

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Nolim eReader

New Nolim eReader Made by Bookeen, Sold by Carrefour (Video)

Maker of Cybooks, Bookeen is a French ereader company that has partnered with Carrefour, a large retailer with nearly 12,000 stores worldwide, to release a new Nolim ereader. The device has an unusual design, with an integrated silicone cover built-in that turns the screen on and off when opening. The design is meant to partially […]

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Kobo Aura H2O

Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 Now Available to Pre-Order

Kobo’s latest ebook reader, the second generation Kobo Aura H2O, has officially gone up for pre-order starting today. Both and Chapters.Indigo have the new 6.8-inch H2O available to pre-order. The US price is $179 and the Canadian price is $199. The release date is only a week away on May 22nd, so it will […]

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Onyx Boox Max Carta

Video Review of Onyx Boox Max (and Max Carta)

Onyx released an updated version of their 13.3-inch ereader last month called the Onyx Boox Max Carta. It has an upgraded higher-resolution E Ink screen with greater pixel density than the first generation Max but it’s otherwise the same exact device as the original model. Both run Android software and have an electromagnetic screen for […]

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