Kindle Book Sale

Big Kindle Book Sale – Up to 85% Off New York Times Best Sellers

Amazon is having another big sale on Kindle ebooks for one of their main deals of the day. In fact it’s probably the best Kindle book sale of the year so far. They usually only have a few titles on sale, maybe one or two dozen at most, but this time 61 titles are included […]

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Kindle Oasis Charging Cover

Will More eReaders with Charging Covers Get Released?

Last year around April Amazon surprised everyone with the release of the Kindle Oasis. To start with Amazon had never released a new Kindle that early in the year before so no one was expecting it. But the biggest surprise with the Kindle Oasis was the new design idea that places most of its battery […]

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Kobo Aura One Battery Drain Issue

How Many Weeks Does Your eBook Reader’s Battery Stay Charged?

One of the main things that separates ebook readers from other devices is their E Ink screens that use very little power, making it so ereaders can go weeks without needing their battery charged. Some companies even claim certain models can go up to 2 months between charges, like the Kindle Oasis and Kobo Aura. […]

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Kobo eReaders Cheap on eBay: $99 Aura H2O, $49 Kobo Aura, and More

There are some good deals for older Kobo ereaders on eBay. Some are new, some are open-box, some are customer returns, some are used, but all are good deals for an E Ink ebook reader. The 5-inch Kobo Mini can be had for $39 new, and the original Kobo Aura with a 6-inch flush glass […]

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Fire HD 6

$25 Fire HD 6 Sale, $30 Fire Tablet with Case Deal

There are currently a couple of really good deals to be had on Fire tablets. Over at Woot they’ve got the Fire HD 6 tablet on sale for $25 for the 8GB model. It’s refurbished but that’s a pretty big discount from what it sells for usually at $69 new. They also had the 16GB […]

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Waterfi Waterproof Kindle

Will Amazon Ever Release a Waterproof Kindle?

A few days ago we were talking about the possibility of Amazon finally releasing a Kindle with a larger screen now that the Kobo Aura One has made 7.8-inch E Ink screens popular. But what about a waterproof Kindle? That’s another feature that Kobo offers but Amazon does not. In fact Kindles are lagging way […]

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eTextbook Rentals

Why Can’t eBooks Be Rented Like Textbooks and Movies?

Why is it that ebooks get treated differently than other forms of digital media? You can rent things like movies and e-textbooks online, and there are even services that offer audiobook rentals, so why isn’t there any option to rent ebooks instead of buying them? For ebooks that only cost a few bucks, renting doesn’t […]

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10 Free Kindle eBooks and 80% off Kindle Books Deal

It’s been a few months since posting a roundup of free Kindle ebooks so it’s a good time to do it again. Amazon also has another set of Kindle books marked down by up to 80% off for one of their main Deals of the Day. Like usual it’s a one-day only deal. Please note […]

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