iOS Light Filters

iOS Reading Tip: Using Low Light Filter and Inverted Colors

I recently stumbled upon a trick that makes reading on an iPad or iPhone at night a lot easier on the eyes. There are two things you can do: lower the screen’s brightness beyond normal limits and/or use inverted colors. This also reduces blue light so that it helps maintain healthy sleeping habits, as some […]

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FastMode & USB Sound ROM

Nook Simple Touch FastMode & USB Sound ROM (Video)

Earlier this week I came across a YouTube video showing a Nook Simple Touch running the latest and final version of the FastMode + USB Sound ROM. As the name implies, FastMode helps make the Nook refresh the E Ink screen faster—even fast enough to play videos—and USB Sound adds audio support to the Nook […]

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The Sekhmet Bed

10 Free Kindle Books for Monday June 22nd

It’s time for another installment of 10 free Kindle ebooks to help get your week off to a good start. The 10 free Kindle ebooks are free as of June 22nd, 2015. Please note that most of these titles are free for a limited-time only and will expire in a few days. Owning a Kindle […]

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Kindle Voyage Apart

How to Take Apart the Kindle Voyage to Root It (Video)

The other day I came across a YouTube video that shows how to easily disassemble the Kindle Voyage. It only takes a couple of minutes and is surprisingly easy compared to some other devices out there. Of course taking apart your Kindle Voyage is going to void the warranty, but it’s currently the only way […]

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Marvel Comics Kindle

12K Single Issue Marvel Comics Now Available in Kindle Store

A couple days ago Marvel and Amazon announced a new way to buy Marvel comics—from the Kindle Store. Previously comic book buyers had to use the Comixology app, but now over 12,000 single issue comics are available directly from the Kindle Store without needing to use a separate app or monthly subscription service to access […]

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Oyster Lumin

Oyster Adds Blue Light Filtering to eBook App

Oyster, one of the leading ebook subscription services and recently launched ebook retailer, added an interesting new feature to their ebook app this past week called Lumin. With Lumin turned on, the Oyster ebook app will automatically adjust the amount of blue light that emits from your smartphone or tablet’s screen depending on the time […]

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Kindle Paperwhite 3 vs 2

Video Comparing Kindle Paperwhite 3 with Paperwhite 2 and Kindle Voyage

Amazon announced a new upgraded Kindle Paperwhite the other day that will be released at the end of this month. It’s basically the exact same as the old Kindle Paperwhite but it adds a higher resolution 300 ppi E Ink screen to help make text appear sharper and clearer. Len Edgerly from The Kindle Chronicles […]

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Kindle Family

Other New Kindles Arriving in 2015?

Yesterday Amazon unveiled a new Kindle Paperwhite with a 300 ppi E Ink screen. It’s a little out of character for Amazon to release a new Kindle this early in the year but not unprecedented. Besides, the Paperwhite 3 is just getting an upgraded screen, (and double the RAM, according to reports) so it’s not […]

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Amazon Introduces New Kindle Paperwhite with 300 ppi Display

Amazon has just announced the upcoming release of an upgraded Kindle Paperwhite that features a 300 ppi E Ink screen. The new Kindle Paperwhite is up for pre-order at Amazon. The official released date for the new device is June 30th. What’s especially nice about the upgrade is that Amazon is still using the old […]

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Netronix 13

Video of Netronix 13.3″ eReader and Notepad

Netronix is demoing their 13.3-inch E Ink ereader and notepad at Computex 2015. We first saw Netronix’s new ereader back in January at CES. It’s one of just a few devices to use a 13.3-inch Mobius screen, which has a resolution of 1600 x 1200. Unlike most E Ink screens, this one is plastic-based, so […]

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