Gold Box Deal for Kindle eBooks – Today Only

Every few weeks lately Amazon has been offering a list of discounted Kindle ebooks for their Gold Box Deal of the Day. Today they are doing it again. Like usual it’s a 1-day sale only so it’s only valid for today, September 18th. This time around the deal centers around books that were made into […]

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Kobo Aura One Battery Drain Issue

Kobo Aura One Suffering from Battery Drain Issue

There have been some reports over at MobileRead about the new Kobo Aura One experiencing some kind of battery drain issue that seems to be related to a software bug. At first I thought my Kobo Aura One’s battery level seemed fine, but then all at once when the battery meter gets around 50% it […]

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Kobo Aura One PDF

Kobo Aura One PDF Review and Video Walkthrough

The Kobo Aura One is the latest and most interesting new ebook reader to hit the market. The larger 7.8-inch E Ink screen helps set in apart from all the various 6-inch ereaders currently available. You would think that the larger screen on the Kobo Aura One would make it a good option for reading […]

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Kindle vs Kobo Aura One Comparison Review (Video)

Last week I posted about the size difference between the 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One and 6-inch Kindles. Today I put together a video review for an in-depth look at how the Kobo Aura One compares to the Kindle, specifically the Kindle Paperwhite 3, the most popular Kindle. I’m not going to be posting any comparisons […]

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Kobo Aura One Comics and Manga Review (Video)

The 7.8-inch screen on the Kobo Aura One makes it better suited for larger-form content like comics and manga than the more common 6-inch ereaders. The 7.8-inch 300 ppi E Ink screen does indeed look great for text and graphics when it comes to comics and manga. Text is sharp and easy to read and […]

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Amazon Adds Free Audible Channels and Audiobook Streaming to Prime

Amazon and Audible announced new benefits for Prime members starting today. All Amazon Prime members now have unlimited free access to Audible Channels, a new short-form audiobook service that Audible introduced earlier this year. Prime members also get access to a rotating selection of over 50 professionally narrated audiobooks for free. The Audible Channels feature […]

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10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – September 12

It’s time for another roundup of 10 free highly-rated Kindle ebooks to help get your week off to a good start. Please note that the free Kindle ebooks listed below are free as of September 12th, 2016. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days […]

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Kobo Aura Edition 2

Kobo Aura Edition 2 is Going to Be a Total Flop

I’ve been spending most of the time using the new 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One lately, but Kobo also has another new ereader called the Kobo Aura Edition 2. It has a 6-inch E Ink screen and it uses an older version for some reason with lower resolution. Most newer ereaders have 300 ppi screens, but […]

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