Sony Drops Price of DPT-S1 Digital PDF Reader to $999

The most expensive E Ink ereader on the market recently became a little less expensive. Sony has dropped the price of their DPT-S1 PDF Reader from $1100 to $999 on the Sony Store. It’s not a big difference in price but at least it’s progress in the right direction. Sony started selling the DPT-S1 online […]

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Kindle Paperwhite vs Fire HD 6

Kindle Paperwhite vs Fire HD 6 Comparison Review (+Video)

Now that Amazon has released the Fire HD 6 tablet, I thought it would be interesting to compare it with the Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader. Even though both devices have 6-inch screens and offer content from Amazon’s ecosystem, they are two very different devices. The Kindle Paperwhite is designed for reading ebooks, and the Fire […]

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Fire HD 6 vs Fire HDX

Fire HD vs Fire HDX Comparison Review – Kindle Tablets Compared (+Video)

I’ve been testing the new Fire HD 6 extensively since it got released last week, and I wanted to do a comparison review between it and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX, mainly to show the difference in size between a 6-inch and 7-inch tablet. Most companies have settled on offering 7-inch tablets for the smaller […]

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Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite vs new $79 Basic Kindle Comparison Review (+Video)

When it comes to comparing the Kindle Paperwhite with the new $79 entry-level Kindle that was released at the beginning of October 2014, the differences all come down to hardware. Both devices run the same exact software, and offer all the same Kindle reading features and settings from a reading perspective. The Kindle Paperwhite and […]

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Kindle Screen Comparison

Kindle Screen Comparisons

Whenever a new Kindle gets released, everyone wants to know how the screen compares to other models, so I took a few pictures to show the differences. The pictures were taken outside in direct sunlight and the Kindle Paperwhite’s frontlight was turned all the way down. In all the pictures the top left is the […]

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Fire HD 6 Horizontal

Fire HD 6 is Year’s Most Portable Tablet – First Impressions Review

Yesterday the new Fire HD tablets for this year were released, along with the $79 basic Kindle. I posted a first impressions review of the new Kindle yesterday—I’m not at all impressed with the chunky plastic and blocky design, but at least the software is solid because it is basically the exact same as the […]

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Kindle 7

New $79 Kindle First Impressions Review

Amazon’s latest entry-level, basic, 7th generation, $79—whatever you want to call it—Kindle was released today. Amazon refers to the new device simply as “Kindle”. After all these years the word is so common it could be used in a number of different contexts, so that doesn’t help give the device much of an identity. Quite […]

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Fire HD 7-Colors

New $79 Kindle and Fire HD Tablets Arrive Today

The first wave of Amazon’s new Kindle lineup for this year officially gets released today. Pre-orders have started shipping and devices are listed as “In Stock” and are available for immediate shipping. The early release models include the new $79 Kindle Touch and both Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 tablets in black. The […]

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Kobo Aura H2O Now Available, Review Coming Soon!

As of yesterday, October 1st, the new Kobo Aura H2O ebook reader is now officially available for purchase online at and from some retail stores. In Canada, the Aura H2O is available from Indigo, Best Buy, and Future Shop. It’s also available in Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands from retailers on this list. In […]

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Little Critter Library

Little Critter Library is a Kid’s eBook Subscription App for iOS

Oceanhouse Media recently launched an ebook subscription service designed for young children ages 2-5. The app is exclusive to iOS and grants access to a library of Little Critter ebooks by Mercer Mayer. The app is called Little Critter Library and is available in the Apple app store. The books are fully interactive storybooks. Interactive […]

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