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iOS comic apps

10 Top iOS Comic Apps for iPads and iPhones

Below is a list of the top 10 iOS comic apps for iPads and iPhones to go along with the list of 10 best reading apps for iOS that I posted a couple weeks ago. Comics have benefited a lot since the transition to digital, although the whole collectability factor goes out the window when […]

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Comixology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited Launches, Monthly Subscription Service for Comics

Comixology is owned by Amazon so I guess it’s not surprising to see them launch a monthly subscription service for comics called Comixology Unlimited. The entry page for Comixology Unlimited even looks similar to the Kindle Unlimited page with the scroll box at the bottom. However, unlike Kindle Unlimited, Comixology doesn’t appear to have a […]

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Comixology Kindle Comics

Comixology App for Android and iOS Now Supports Kindle Comics

Today Comixology updated their apps for Android and iOS to add support for Kindle comics purchased with an Amazon account. Amazon bought Comixology early last year, so the fact that they are taking steps to merge accounts isn’t a big surprise, similar to what Amazon has done with Audible and their audiobooks. It should be […]

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Marvel Comics Kindle

12K Single Issue Marvel Comics Now Available in Kindle Store

A couple days ago Marvel and Amazon announced a new way to buy Marvel comics—from the Kindle Store. Previously comic book buyers had to use the Comixology app, but now over 12,000 single issue comics are available directly from the Kindle Store without needing to use a separate app or monthly subscription service to access […]

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Comixology Now Offers DRM-free Comics for Backups

Last week at Comic-Con in San Diego Comixology announced that they will now offer DRM-free downloads of comics purchased from Comixology. This allows readers the option to save comics for backup outside of the Comixology app. Not all titles are available DRM-free; it’s up to individual publishers to decide if they want to offer a […]

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Comixology Free Comics

ComiXology Giving Away 20 Free Comics in 20 Days

Comixology is the leading source for digital comic books, and they’ve just launched a summer reading list promotion where they are giving away a free comic book each day from now until June 14th. Comixology has reading apps for Android and iOS, as well as Kindle Fire tablets and Windows 8. Their comics can be […]

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Calvin and Hobbes eBooks

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips Now Available as eBooks

Here’s a bit of good news for fans of the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. The antics of Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, have officially been released in ebook form. Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes daily comic strip was published for 10 years from 1985 to 1995. The ebooks don’t quite encompass the […]

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marvel comics

Marvel Giving Away 700 #1 Issue Digital Comics for Free

Yesterday Marvel Comics announced that they are running a temporary promotion where they are giving away 700 first-issue digital comics for free to anyone who can get through the download process using the Marvel Comics apps or Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop. Unfortunately they are having trouble sustaining the massive download attempts, and neither are […]

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