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Kindle eTextbooks

How Using and Renting Kindle eTextbooks Works (Video)

Amazon offers a number of Kindle eTextbooks to rent and buy in the Kindle Store. Many of them are just basically regular nonfiction ebooks, but some carry a specific eTextbook designation that adds some extra features. Many of the eTextbooks are available like regular Kindle ebooks on Kindle ereaders, Fire tablets, and Kindle apps for […]

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Kindle Textbook Creator Launches

Today Amazon announced the release of a new digital textbook creator tool for educators and authors to easily create digital textbooks, called eTextbooks, and other educational content to promote and sell on the Kindle Store. The new program is called KDP EDU. It’s a new division to the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. KDP EDU is […]

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Kno K-12 Digital Textbooks

Kno Now Offers K-12 Digital Textbooks with 1 Year Rentals for $10

Just in time for the new school year, an eTextbook company called Kno has started offering digital textbook rentals for K-12 textbooks thanks to a new deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one of the largest K-12 textbook publishers. Kno’s K-12 textbook rentals last for 1 year and cost $9.99 or less. They work on the […]

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iBooks 2 Textbooks

iBooks 2 Brings Interactive Textbooks to the iPad (Videos)

The big news this week was Apple taking a big step into the eduction sector by releasing a new updated version of iBooks that supports interactive digital textbooks on the iPad. Apple also introduced iBooks Author, a new app for Mac for creating and publishing those fancy new digital textbooks, along with cookbooks, picture books, […]

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Plastic Logic 100

Plastic Logic 100 Textbook eReader Released (Video)

Plastic Logic finally managed to get an electronic reader onto the market—in Russia. It’s called the Plastic Logic 100. It is designed specifically for the education sector, with the aim of being a textbook replacement device. It has a roomy 10.7-inch screen and uses the same plastic-based epaper technology that Plastic Logic’s first ereader was […]

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Tower Books Exclusive eBooks Coupon

Discount Codes for eBooks and Textbooks

Below is a list of discount codes from Kobo,, eHarlequin,, and CourseSmart for savings on various ebooks and textbooks. As usual, some publishers don’t allow discounting on their ebooks so the codes won’t work for all titles. These include Random House: Imprints Ballantine, Bantam, Broadway Books, Crown, Dell, Doubleday, Knopf; Penguin: Imprints Dorling […]

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Kindle Textbook Rentals

Kindle Textbook Rentals Now Available at Amazon

Today Amazon announced the launch of their new Kindle Textbook Rental service, where students can rent textbooks to read on Kindle apps and Kindle devices. The Kindle Textbook Rental service allows students to choose exactly how long they want to rent a textbook, anywhere from 30 days to 1 year. And students can choose to […]

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CourseSmart 5% off eTextbooks; Kobo Spin and Win Contest

CourseSmart 5% off eTextbooks; Kobo Spin and Win Contest

A couple of quick savings updates, here’s a coupon code for 5% off eTextbooks at JFXYSAA. The code is valid until June 1st, 2011. Secondly, Kobo is running a spin and win contest until the end of the day on March 20th. You can win a 10% – 50% off coupon, a $25 eGift […]

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Kno Student Tablet

Kno Student Tablet Being Shelved for Software? 

As we have all come to realize, the “tablet” is a hot commodity that many different companies are trying to get their hands in. Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Google are just a few of the major companies competing against each other in the mobile computing device market. However, there is one company that, despite […]

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Choose from over 2 million ebook titles

Kobo Adds 175k Educational and Technical PDFs to eBookstore

Kobo Books has added 175,000 PDFs to their ebook library from more than 2,000 publishers, including Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, Blackwell, Palgrave, The World Bank, Springer, Financial Times Press, Routledge, and others. The PDFs include medical texts, academic and scientific texts, dictionaries, economics and business manuals, technical manuals, and other education oriented materials. (more…)

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