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Amazon Adds Kindle for Kids Bundle with Free Cover and 2 Year Warranty

The new entry-level Kindle for 2016 is now available as part of a Kindle for Kids bundle for $99. This new Kindle for Kids bundle is better than the last one they used to offer because now it comes with a full cover instead of just a piece that fits over the back of the […]

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Kids Kindle Bundle

Kindle for Kids Bundle Not Getting Much Attention

About three months ago toward the end of May, Amazon started selling a new Kindle for Kids Bundle for $99. There’s nothing “new” about it really, but the idea is new as far as E Ink Kindles are concerned. The device itself is the exact same as the $79 Kindle that was released last October, […]

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Kindle Sale

3-Day Kindle Sale – $20 Off Deal

It’s been awhile since Amazon has had any of their Kindle ebook readers on sale, with the exception of last month but only Prime members could get in on the discounted Kindles for Prime Day. Last week a few retailers like Best Buy and Staples had a brief sale for a day or two. Now […]

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Kindle for Kids Bundle

New Kindle for Kids Bundle Available for $99

Amazon has just introduced a new Kindle for Kids Bundle that sells for $99. The bundle includes the latest entry-level Kindle (the $99 one without advertisements), a kid-friendly cover, and a 2 year SquareTrade warranty. The bundle is a good deal considering that it costs the same as a regular non-ad Kindle, so you’re basically […]

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