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Fire HD 6-HD 7-Colors

Kindle Comparison Table Updated

This is a quick note to mention that I’ve updated the Kindle Comparison Table with all the new Kindle models currently being offered. The table lists all the older Kindle models for reference too. There are so many different Kindle models available that’s hard to keep track of them all. The chart helps keep things […]

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New Kindle vs Kindle Touch

The New $79 Kindle is Basically a Downgraded Kindle Touch From 3 Years Ago

It’s interesting to see how technology evolves over the years. Some technologies advance a lot faster than others. Some, like E Ink, seem to evolve at a snail’s pace. The new entry-level $79 Kindle is a good example of just how slow innovation is in the field of dedicated ebook readers and the electronic ink […]

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Hands-on Videos of Kindle Voyage and New Kindle Touch

Yesterday after Amazon officially announced the new Kindle Voyage and entry-level Kindle Touch, a few tech sites posted some early hands-on videos showing the new Kindles in action. Actually pretty much everyone focuses on the Kindle Voyage; the new entry-level Kindle is barely mentioned at all anywhere, and is being treated as more of an […]

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New Entry-Level Kindle has Touchscreen and Arrives in 2 Weeks, But what Else?

Now that two new Kindle models have leaked online, most people are paying attention to the premium Kindle Voyage, but what about the new entry-level Kindle? Until Amazon makes an official announcement, which could be as soon as today, all we have to go off is a screenshot showing the new Kindles listed on Amazon […]

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Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch Refurbs on Sale for $55 Today

There’s an ongoing tech deal at Woot today for Amazon’s short-lived Kindle Touch ebook reader. Woot’s price is $54.99, plus $5 for shipping. And it’s a certified refurbished Kindle Touch, with Wi-Fi and special offers (advertisements). Refurbs come with the same 1 year Kindle warranty as new models. So for $60 you get 6″ Kindle […]

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Kindle Touch Software Updated to Version 5.3.7

Yesterday Amazon issued a firmware update for the Kindle Touch that adds a few new features. Nothing major, just a couple of details that were added to the Kindle Paperwhite with recent software updates. Isn’t it interesting how Amazon keeps retrofitting most of the new features from the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Touch? It’s […]

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Kindle Touch Gets Lots of New Features with Firmware Update 5.3.2

Amazon has just issued a major firmware update for the Kindle Touch that adds a ton of new features. Amazon has basically turned it into the Kindle Paperwhite minus the high-res screen and frontlight. Plus the Kindle Touch has speakers and an audio jack so it gets Amazon’s new Whispersync for Voice feature as well […]

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New Kindle Time

New Kindles Coming in September – My Predictions

So the big news this past week is that Amazon sent out invites to a press conference on September 6th where they are expected to unveil new Kindle ereaders and tablets. Rumors have been floating around all year about Amazon releasing a Kindle Fire 2 and a new E Ink Kindle with a lighted screen, […]

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Kindle Touch

Does Kindle Touch Stock Shortage Mean New Lighted Kindle is Near?

Let the speculations begin. Amazon.com has suddenly depleted their supply of Kindle Touches down to nearly nothing. Of the four variations of Kindle Touch models Amazon sells, there is currently only one model in stock, the $139 WiFi Kindle Touch without Special Offers. The $99 Kindle Touch WiFi model is unavailable and the page says […]

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Kindle Touch 3G

New Firmware Version 5.1.2 for Kindle Touch Closes Security Hole

Amazon has issued a new firmware update for the Kindle Touch, version 5.1.2. It doesn’t bring any cool new features but it does close a glaring security hole in the Kindle Touch’s web browser. It turns out the Kindle’s “Experimental” web browser, as Amazon calls it, was indeed the experiment of hackers who discovered an […]

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