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Is the Quality of eBook Readers Declining?

A reader sent in an email over the weekend commenting about how they were at a retail store and noticed some ereaders on display, and they thought the build quality of current devices is vastly inferior to what was available a few years ago. In some ways I have to agree with that sentiment. The […]

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New Kindle Homescreen

Two Workarounds for Missing Book Length Dots with New Kindle Update

A number of folks are disappointed with Amazon for removing the dots in list view that gave a visual representation of each Kindle book’s length on the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, and the basic Kindle Touch. The latest 5.7.2 software update brought big changes to the Kindle’s user interface, especially the homescreen, and the reading-length […]

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Goodreads Kindle

Kindles $20 Off Again, Fire HD 6 $30 Off

Once again Amazon is running a sale on Kindle ereaders, taking $20 off the price of the Kindle Paperwhite 3, the basic Kindle Touch, and the Kids Kindle bundle. The Fire HD 6 is also on sale for $69, which is $30 off the regular list price. That’s for the 8GB version; the 16GB model […]

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Older Kindles

Older Kindles Require Updated Software by March 22 to Download Books and Use Kindle Services

Amazon has started sending out emails to Kindle owners with older devices notifying them that they need to make sure their Kindle’s software is up-to-date in order to continue downloading Kindle books and having access to the Kindle store and other Kindle services. All Kindles from the very first generation model all the way up […]

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Kindle Essentials Bundle

Amazon Adds New Kindle Essentials Bundle for $109

Amazon recently added a new bundle package deal for the entry-level Kindle that comes with an Amazon cover and power adapter for $109, with six different color choices for the cover. The Kindle sells for $79 and the Amazon cover sells for $29 when purchased separately, so essentially you get a free power adapter with […]

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Should eBook Readers Without Frontlights Be Phased Out?

With the release of the new Kobo Touch 2.0, it’s hard not to ask the obvious question: Why are ebook readers without frontlights still being made? A lower entry-level price is the only answer that makes any sense. But you have to wonder if that’s really working out for the better in the long run. […]

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Kindle Sale

3-Day Kindle Sale – $20 Off Deal

It’s been awhile since Amazon has had any of their Kindle ebook readers on sale, with the exception of last month but only Prime members could get in on the discounted Kindles for Prime Day. Last week a few retailers like Best Buy and Staples had a brief sale for a day or two. Now […]

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Fire HD 7

Kindle Sale: $49 Kindle Touch, $79 Fire HD 7, & More

It’s been awhile since any Kindles were on sale (except for Prime Day, and these deals are just as good so what was the point?). This week there are some pretty good savings to be had if you’re in the market for a cheap new Kindle ereader or Fire tablet. Amazon’s authorized retailers like Best […]

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