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Kobo Mini Sale

Kobo Mini Back for Limited Time, Comes with Free SleepCover

Kobo has started advertising a limited time offer on their homepage for the Kobo Mini. It’s a bundle package deal where you can get the Kobo Mini for $49 and it comes with a free grey sleepcover. The deal runs through November 7th. The Kobo Mini was discontinued early last year, so it’s pretty surprising […]

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Kobo eReaders

New Software Update 3.8.0 Released for Kobo eReaders

Last month Kobo released a software update for their line of E Ink ebook readers, version 3.5.0. Now Kobo has already released another new update, and somehow it has jumped all the way up to version 3.8.0. The new Kobo Aura H2O accounts for version 3.7.0, but whatever happened to 3.6? Anyway, according to preliminary […]

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GoFly Project V4

GoFly Turns Kobo Mini into Tactical Glide Computer for XC Pilots (Video)

A necropost over at MobileRead led me to an interesting project that I hadn’t seen before involving a Kobo Mini and some major hacking. Over at

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Kobo eBook Readers: How to Enable Multi-touch (Video)

Awhile ago I came across a really cool hack that enables multi-touch on Kobo ebook readers that normally don’t support multi-touch. I know it works on the Kobo Aura HD and Kobo Glo because I’ve tested it on both; apparently it works with the Kobo Mini and newer Kobo Touches as well. The multi-touch hack […]

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Kobo Family Picture

The Kobo Mini Appears to Have Been Quietly Discontinued

The Kindle DX isn’t the only ebook reader that has gone missing recently. The Kobo Mini has also seemingly been discontinued, without a word as to why. A complete opposite of the large-screen Kindle DX, the Kobo Mini is a diminutive ebook reader with a small 5-inch screen. I reviewed it back in November 2012 […]

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Kobo Mini

Kobo Mini Gets a Price Drop – Is it Being Phased Out?

Somewhere along the line, and it wasn’t too recently because I can recall seeing it a few weeks ago, the Kobo Mini received what appears to be a permanent price drop down from $79 to $59. That’s the price listed on Kobo’s website, anyway. And there’s no indication that it’s on sale. $59 is also […]

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How to Expand Internal Storage of Kobo eBook Readers (Video)

There’s a little-known trick to expand the available storage space on Kobo ebook readers, including the Kobo Aura HD, the Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, and Kobo Touch (sorry the Kobo Aura is left out). The reason why this is possible is because Kobo’s ebook readers have microSD cards built in for the internal storage (except […]

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Kobo Patcher

Kobo Patcher Removes Wasted Space with Extra Margin Settings for Kobo eReaders

Kobo’s ebook readers have settings for customizing line spacing and margins, but there are annoying limitations at times, especially when it comes to all the wasted space Kobo insists on using at the top and bottom of the screen to display the title of the ebook and the page numbers. The title takes up about […]

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