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Kobo eBook Readers: How to Enable Multi-touch (Video)

Awhile ago I came across a really cool hack that enables multi-touch on Kobo ebook readers that normally don’t support multi-touch. I know it works on the Kobo Aura HD and Kobo Glo because I’ve tested it on both; apparently it works with the Kobo Mini and newer Kobo Touches as well. The multi-touch hack […]

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Kobo Glo Android

New Hack Boots Android From External SD on Kobo Aura HD, Touch and Glo

Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on the Android on Kobo: “Tips and Apps” thread at MobileRead for interesting tidbits for running Android on Kobo’s ebook readers. A couple days ago a new dual-boot hack has come to light that makes it possible to run Android off an external microSD card instead of having to […]

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$20 Off Kobo eReaders and Tablets

$20 Off Kobo eReaders and Tablets

Kobo is currently running a sale on most of their ereaders and tablets. The promotion lasts through December 9th so there’s not much time left. If you are looking to get a Kobo device, now would be the time because they don’t go on sale very often. The $20 off deal includes all the newer […]

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How to Expand Internal Storage of Kobo eBook Readers (Video)

There’s a little-known trick to expand the available storage space on Kobo ebook readers, including the Kobo Aura HD, the Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, and Kobo Touch (sorry the Kobo Aura is left out). The reason why this is possible is because Kobo’s ebook readers have microSD cards built in for the internal storage (except […]

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Kobo Patcher

Kobo Patcher Removes Wasted Space with Extra Margin Settings for Kobo eReaders

Kobo’s ebook readers have settings for customizing line spacing and margins, but there are annoying limitations at times, especially when it comes to all the wasted space Kobo insists on using at the top and bottom of the screen to display the title of the ebook and the page numbers. The title takes up about […]

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Kobo Night Mode

How to Enable Night Mode (White Text, Black Background) on Kobo eReaders

I came across an interesting trick at MobileRead the other day for Kobo’s line of E Ink ebook readers—the Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, Kobo Touch, and Kobo Aura HD—to get them to display white text on a black background instead of the usual black text on a white(ish) background. It’s a straightforward trick that doesn’t […]

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Kobo Reading Stats

New Kobo Firmware 2.3 Adds In Book Reading Stats to Kobo eReaders

I turned on my Kobo Glo yesterday and it informed me there was a new firmware update available so of course I went ahead and installed it. The biggest change that I’ve noticed so far with the new 2.3.1 firmware is that Kobo added a nifty reading stats menu that’s accessible from within Kobo ebooks […]

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Kobo Touch White

Kobo Touch Firmware Update 2.1.4

If you own a Kobo Touch ebook reader you can expect it to get a firmware update this week, firmware version 2.1.4. Hopefully this update goes a lot smoother than the 2.0 update that gave many Kobo Touch owners problems over the summer. This isn’t a major update by any means, but it does add […]

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Kobo Touch

Kobo Touch Update 2.0 Released; Kobo Desktop Updated Too

Yesterday Kobo released an update for the Kobo Touch ereader, firmware version 2.0, as well the Kobo desktop software, version 3.0. As you would expect, the updates add some new features and fixes some bugs. Here’s the list of the most prominent changes with the new software: Kobo Touch: Revamped home screen makes finding books […]

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Kobo Touch Japan

Kobo Touch Headed to Japan, But What Does That Mean Here?

Today Kobo announced that they are bringing their ebookstore and Kobo Touch ereader to Japan on July 19th. This is no big surprise considering Kobo was purchased by Rakuten earlier this year, a Japanese online retailer. The bigger surprise is that Kobo beat Amazon to the punch, who is also expected to launch an ebookstore […]

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