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Kindle Unlimited, Prime eBooks and Kindle Library Books Explained

There are a number of different ways to read Kindle ebooks without having to pay for each specific title. Amazon offers free ebook lending to Prime members, along with a monthly subscription service called Kindle Unlimited, and thousands of public libraries in the US lend Kindle books for free. These are good options for people […]

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Hoopla ebooks

Hoopla Adds eBooks and Comics to Library Lending Service

Hoopla Digital offers a service much like OverDrive that provides free access to digital content from public libraries across North America. Hoopla gives library patrons access to over 300,000 movies, TV shows, full music albums, audiobooks, and now they’ve just added ebooks and comics to their selections as well. All you need is a library […]

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OverDrive Kindle FreeTime

OverDrive Fixes Technical Issue with Kindle Library eBooks

Yesterday OverDrive announced that they have resolved a technical issue with their library ebook lending service that had caused a number of Kindle-formatted ebooks not to appear available for lending. The glitch affected newer titles added to the system since the beginning of this calendar year. Now that OverDrive has become aware of the issue, […]

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Odilo Launches New Library eBook Service in the U.S.

A new distribution service for library ebooks called OdiloPlace has just launched this month in the United States. When you think about checking out ebooks from public libraries for free, OverDrive is the first company that comes to mind. But there are competing services out there too, and Odilo is the latest to join the […]

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Free Zinio Magazines

Have You Tried Any Free Digital Magazines From Public Libraries Yet?

Last week I posted an article about how it’s now possible to get dozens—even hundreds—of digital magazines through Zinio for free from public libraries. You can download as many magazines titles as you want for free, and you never have to return them. It sounds too good to be true, but I’ve tried it out […]

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Harry Potter Library eBooks

Harry Potter eBooks Arrive at Libraries Today for Free Download

Harry Potter ebooks and audiobooks officially became available for purchase for the first time two days ago and now they have arrived at school and public libraries as well. All you need is a valid library card to check out Harry Potter ebooks and audiobooks for free. The entire ebook series sells for $57.54 bundled […]

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Harry Potter eBooks

Harry Potter eBooks Coming to Libraries; A Good Sign eBook Release Day is Near

For all you Harry Potter fans—there are only about 400 million or so—OverDrive announced that they’ve come to an agreement with Pottermore to be the exclusive distributor of Harry Potter ebooks and audiobooks to public libraries and schools. This means that in the very near future—preliminary signs are pointing to April 30th—library patrons will be […]

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Reader WiFi Browser Landscape

Sony Reader Wi-Fi Web Browser and Library eBooks Review (Video)

Below is a ten minute video review showing the web browser on the Sony PRS-T1 Reader Wi-Fi, along with how the library book integration works. I already covered the details of the web browser on the second page of the Reader Wi-Fi review so I won’t repeat them again here, but I will discuss how […]

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Kindle Library eBooks

Tutorial: Kindle Library eBooks, Everything You Need To Know (Video)

Now that the Kindle and Kindle apps for Android, iPad, and other mobile devices can get free ebooks from libraries, it’s time for an in-depth tutorial that explains everything you need to know about Kindle library ebooks. Library ebooks aren’t new. Other devices have had that perk for a long time. But the Kindle does […]

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Library eBooks for Non-Residents: Where to Get eBooks if Your Library is Lacking

Here’s a list of public libraries that offer library cards to non-residents so that you can barrow library ebooks for a Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, or a multitude of other devices even if your local library doesn’t have ebooks or if it is lacking in selection and availability. This list comes from the How To […]

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