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Big Library Read

OverDrive’s Big Library Read and Global eBook Club

Today OverDrive announced that their Big Library Read is coming back next month, which is a global ebook club of sorts that gives people around the world an opportunity to read the same ebook, or listen to the audiobook, for free through the 30,000+ public libraries and schools that use OverDrive’s ebook lending program. This […]

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Overdrive Periodicals Nook

OverDrive Now Offers 1000+ Popular Magazines and Newspapers

Early last October, OverDrive and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Media announced a new partnership to bring digital magazines and newspapers to public libraries for lending. That prospect has finally come to fruition as OverDrive officially announced today that periodicals are now available for libraries to purchase and add to their collections for lending to patrons. […]

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Library Recommend

How to Recommend eBooks for Libraries to Add to Their Catalog

The folks at OverDrive posted a 10 most frequently asked questions article today with some helpful tips for librarians and people that get ebooks from public libraries. Number ten on the list highlights a feature that I didn’t know existed. Some public libraries allow customers to recommend specific ebook titles for the library to purchase […]

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OverDrive Adding 200,000 eBooks From Smashwords Indie Authors

Smashwords and OverDrive issued a press release today announcing a new partnership to distribute Smashwords ebooks to libraries through the OverDrive network. This will add some 200,000 ebooks from 80,000 indie authors and small independent presses to OverDrive’s catalog of ebooks available to public libraries in the OverDrive global network. OverDrive is the leading platform […]

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OverDrive Kindle FreeTime

OverDrive Library eBooks Now Work with Kindle FreeTime

OverDrive, the leading distributor of ebooks to libraries and schools, announced today that ebooks borrowed through OverDrive’s network of libraries can now be used on Kindle Fire tablets using Kindle FreeTime. OverDrive has supported Kindle devices for several years now, but only through ordinary means, not by using Amazon’s kid-centric Kindle FreeTime app that lets […]

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DRM Sucks

OverDrive is Getting Rid of DRM on Audiobooks

OverDrive is the leading distributor of ebooks and audiobooks to schools and libraries. They make borrowing ebooks from libraries easy for anyone with an ebook reader, tablet, computer or phone. And soon borrowing audiobooks is going to be a lot easier too. Earlier this week, OverDrive announced on their blog that they are going to […]

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Kindle Library eBooks

Tutorial: Kindle Library eBooks, Everything You Need To Know (Video)

Now that the Kindle and Kindle apps for Android, iPad, and other mobile devices can get free ebooks from libraries, it’s time for an in-depth tutorial that explains everything you need to know about Kindle library ebooks. Library ebooks aren’t new. Other devices have had that perk for a long time. But the Kindle does […]

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Kindle Library eBooks

Public Library eBooks for Kindle Now Available, Check Your Library

Amazon and OverDrive have quietly started rolling out Kindle ebook lending from public libraries, albeit in Beta. Even though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, some public libraries have already started lending ebooks for the Kindle. The image to the left hails from the Seattle Public Library; several other libraries are starting to list […]

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Getting Library eBooks on the Nook Touch the Easy Way

I’ve been experimenting with different ereading apps on the rooted Nook Touch to find out which ones work the best. Yesterday I went ahead and installed the OverDrive Android app in order to try downloading a free ebook from the library. Of course you don’t need to have the Nook rooted to read library ebooks […]

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Kindle 3

Kindle Library Books: Kindle to Get Library Lending via OverDrive

Somewhere a pig is flying. Amazon announced today that the Kindle and Kindle reading apps will soon be getting support for library books through a service called OverDrive, which currently provides access to over 11,000 libraries in the United States with support for just about every ebook reader but the Kindle. The press release also […]

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