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pocketbook 740 inkpad 3

New 7.8-inch Pocketbook InkPad 3 Looks Interesting

PocketBook is releasing a third-generation version of their Pocketbook InkPad ereader that looks quite nice. The new InkPad 3, also known as the Pocketbook 740, features a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta screen with 300 ppi like the Kobo Aura One. But unlike the Kobo it adds page buttons, a microSD card slot, and it supports […]

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Icarus Illumina XL

8-inch E Ink eBook Readers Comparison List

With the upcoming release of the new Kobo Aura One, I thought it would be interesting to post a roundup of all the 8-inch E Ink ebook readers that are currently available on the market. There aren’t very many options, however. A couple are the same device with different names, and others like the PocketBook […]

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PocketBook InkPad 2

New PocketBook InkPad 2 with 8-inch E Ink Screen Released

PocketBook, the ebook reader company most people have never heard of, has released a new 8-inch ebook reader called the PocketBook InkPad 2, the e-reader for successful people (according to the press release). It’s an updated version of the previous InkPad, of course. The new model has an improved screen, a lighter design, and physical […]

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Onyx Boox i86

Onyx Boox i86 ML vs PocketBook InkPad Comparison Video

I came across a video on YouTube that was uploaded yesterday comparing two 8-inch ebook readers, the Onyx Boox i86ML and PocketBook InkPad. The most interesting thing about the video isn’t the comparison itself, it’s the fact that the Onyx Boox i86 shown in the video, the i86 ML, has a frontlight, and the video […]

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PocetkBook InkPad

PocketBook InkPad 840 Finally Released, an 8-inch E Ink eReader

Earlier this year PocketBook announced a new lineup of ereaders, with the 8-inch PocketBook InkPad 840 among them. It was supposed to be released back in July, but there were some unexpected delays and it’s just now getting released. PocketBook has been making ebook readers for many years now, but they are pretty much never […]

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PocketBook InkPad

PocketBook InkPad 840 Has 8-inch 1600 x 1200 E Ink Screen

PocketBook revealed a line of new ebook readers for 2014 this past week, including the PocketBook Aqua, PocketBook Ultra, and PocketBook CAD Reader. Possibly the most interesting of the bunch is the PocketBook InkPad 840. What makes the PocketBook InkPad so interesting is the screen that it uses. It’s not the first 8-inch ebook reader, […]

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