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A Closer Look at Sony’s First Lighted eBook Reader

Sony is expected to announce a new ebook reader in August, the Sony PRS-T3. We already know that it has a 6″ screen and has a slightly different design than last year’s PRS-T2 based on the few photos that turned up in the FCC paperwork. One thing the photos and paperwork don’t reveal, however, is […]

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Reader for Android Tablets

Sony Reader Android App for Tablets

Back in September Sony released a tablet-specific Sony Reader app for Android. At the time it was only compatible with the Sony Tablet S, but they said it would be updated to support other tablets in early December. I happened to remember this fact yesterday so decided to check the Android Market to see if […]

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Reader for Android Tablets

New Sony Reader App for Android Tablets, Sony Tablet S Owners Get Free eBook

Sony recently released a new tablet-specific Reader app for Android, and it comes just in time for the new Sony Tablet S, which just happens to be getting released tomorrow. This new Reader for Android Tablet app will only work on the Sony Tablet S, in fact. But worry not Android tablet owners. According to […]

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Sony Reader Software

Brand New Sony Reader Desktop Software for PC and Mac Computers

Not only did Sony just start taking pre-orders for their new Reader Wi-Fi, but they also just put out brand new desktop software for PC and Mac computers. The new Reader software has completely been revamped, and even installs separately from the old Reader Library software. This is good news for all the people that […]

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New Sony Reader?

New Sony Readers Getting Set to Launch in August

With the recent disappearance of the Sony Reader PRS-650 and PRS-950 on Sony’s website and most retailers, it is apparent that Sony is getting set to launch a new line of ebook readers, as they tend to do in the third quarter of recent years. Today Bloomberg posted an article that says the new Sony […]

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Nook Touch vs Sony Readers

New Nook vs Sony Reader Comparison Review

It’s time for another comparison review. This one between the new Nook and the Sony Readers. The review includes a video comparing the Nook with the Sony PRS-350 and a list of the similarities and advantages for each, including the PRS-650 and PRS-950. I’m not sure how long this review will be valid because Sony […]

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The eBook Reader Blog

Quick Updates: Misc Sales, 130 Free Kindle eBooks

In regards to an earlier post this week about 130 Free eBooks from Kaplan, Amazon is now offering those same 130+ free ebooks for the Kindle and Kindle apps. And the promotion has been extended to January 17th. Expanding on another post from earlier in the week about post holiday ereader sales, more sales have […]

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Sony PRS 650

A Reader’s Review of the New Sony Word Log Feature

Editor’s Note: This post is a guest post from a reader about limitations with the dictionary and word log features of the new Sony Readers. I’ve haven’t used the Word Log feature much myself, but since the new Sony Readers come with 10 translation dictionaries, I can see how many people would, especially when studying […]

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New Sony Readers

Trade an Old eReader for $75 Credit on a New Sony Reader

There’s a post at MobileRead that points out an interesting promotion Sony US is offering all the way up until January 1st, 2011. You can trade-in any brand of ereader for a credit on the purchase of any of the three new Sony Readers. Here’s the link to the form that determines the value of […]

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Sony Reader

Sony Font Hack: How to Change Fonts on a Sony Reader

This post will explain how to add different fonts to any Sony Reader and how to override the CSS file in a DRM-free ebook to display those fonts. For DRM encrypted ebooks you have to strip the DRM for this method to work. It only takes a few minutes to get this up and going […]

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