Kindle Touch Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Releases Early This Week

Kindle Touch

Good news. If you were one of the first to pre-order a Kindle Touch, it should be arriving at your door earlier than expected.

I received an email from Amazon earlier today regarding my Kindle Touch 3G order. It was initially supposed to be released on November 21st, but they’ve moved that up to this week, with an expected arrival date of November 15th to November 16th.

The product page for the Kindle Touch has been updated to reflect the change too. It no longer mentions November 21st as the day of release, instead it now gives an estimate of 8-9 days for shipping, which amounts to the same difference. It looks like Amazon just wants to get the initial wave of pre-orders out the door early, something they are known for doing.

It will be interesting to see what Amazon has done with the Kindle Touch to make it stand out from the other touchscreen ereaders like the Kobo Touch, the $99 Nook Touch, and the more advanced Sony PRS-T1, especially now that the Kindle Touch is the most expensive touchscreen ereader of the bunch with the exception of the $99 ad-supported version.

Details on the Kindle Touch have been very slim up to this point. Usually Amazon sends out review units to all the major tech sites and has them post reviews a week before the Kindle releases so that we have an idea what to expect. Actually it wouldn’t be surprising to see some reviews crop up starting tomorrow, at least for the Kindle Fire. It releases this week as well.

My Kindle Fire order went from “Not Yet Shipped” to “Shipping Soon” over the weekend, so it will be arriving at about the same time as the Kindle Touch. That’s going to make reviewing them a lot more difficult. Which one do I do first? Plus I just got the Kobo Vox in and the Nook Tablet is going to be released on November 18th. It’s going to be a busy next few weeks…

14 Responses to “Kindle Touch Arriving Ahead of Schedule, Releases Early This Week”

  1. deos the kindle fire have apps like neflix and hulu

  2. Please review the pdf support (both image and text based pdfs) when you get yours. I’m hoping they’ve improved support but expect they won’t have done much in which case I’ll cancel my order.

  3. Yes, the FIRE will have both Netflix and Hulu Plus.
    Plus a NEWSTAND of 400+ magazines.

  4. So fjtorres, which of these devices have you purchased or planning to purchase, if any?

  5. I’d also be interested in hearing about any pdf improvements (or lack thereof), but I’m not optimistic.

    I am curious to see how well games work on the Fire, as well (plants versus zombies?).

  6. Will the Fire be in stores too?

  7. None of the above. 🙂
    I picked up a Pocketbook IQ last year as a universal color reader and webpad to supplement my Kindle2 and Pocketbook 360. It’s last year’s tech (android 2.0) so unless you get it an absurd price or like tinkering there are more appropriate choices.
    What I *am* looking for is a successor for the K2 so I’m looking at the hacked Sony T1 (hardware android buttons and audio) and Nook STR refurb (price) as possible alternatives to the Kindle 4 and K Touch.
    Still gathering data and waiting for the hacks to mature.

  8. Time to recycle those outdated devices on Ebay fjTorres! One year is the maximum period an ebook enthusiast should hold any device.

  9. I don’t recycle devices, purcelljf.
    I still have an ATARI 800 and drive that work just fine. I dust it off every so often to play M.U.L.E. with my sibs. 🙂

    As long as they do what they always did they get used. Right now the K2 screen is doing some funky things from time to time, which is why I’m looking for a successor.

  10. fjtorres,

    Ahhh, so you are a collector like Nate The Awesome at Digital Reader

  11. Not a collector. An accumulator.
    I don’t go out of my way to get stuff, but what I get as long as it is useful.
    alter-Nate is in a separate class.

  12. It is now the 19th. Did you get your Touch?