My New Kindle Paperwhite Just Turned into a Kindle Keyboard


The new 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite has started shipping for those that pre-ordered. Amazon shows that it will be in stock on their website starting October 10th.

A few people have already received theirs and have started posting reviews at Amazon (I don’t know how anyone can post a proper review after 1 day of use, but whatever).

I received a shipping notice last night for my Kindle Paperwhite. This morning I logged into my Amazon account to check the shipping estimate, and that’s when I noticed a hilarious error on Amazon’s website.

When I hit the “track package” button the picture of the Kindle Paperwhite suddenly morphed into a Kindle Keyboard. Now whenever I view my recent orders list at Amazon it shows a Kindle Keyboard instead of a Kindle Paperwhite.

I think it’s pretty funny. It would be even funnier if it arrived and it actually was a Kindle Keyboard.

I was checking the estimated delivery date because Amazon usually ends up shipping new Kindles earlier than expected. They almost always arrive at least a day or two earlier than Amazon initially says they will. But not this time. Everything is right on schedule.

I should be getting my new Kindle Paperwhite tomorrow afternoon, and then I can get started reviewing it. It will be interesting to see how the screen compares to last year’s Paperwhite, as well as the new Kobo Aura. The new Paperwhite is the first ebook reader to use E Ink’s latest Carta screen technology and I can’t wait to see it in person.

How about you? Has your new Kindle Keyboard Paperwhite arrived yet?

10 Responses to “My New Kindle Paperwhite Just Turned into a Kindle Keyboard”

  1. My kindle keyboard is on the way too … Hopefully it has better screen than the older brother, uniform and whiter …

  2. After reading this, I checked and mine too I’d a Kindle Keyboard and is out for delivery today, so I will find out tonight. the description still says Paperwhite, just the picture has changed to the Keyboard.

  3. Mine came, and a day earlier than scheduled. It’s nice!

  4. Mine shows an image of Kindle Keyboard too. hehe. Still waiting for it. 🙂

  5. Got my notice yesterday and it’s due to arrive Thursday…can’t wait!

  6. My first observances are that the screen is definitely free of colored blobs and fuzzy areas. I kind of think there’s still a little shadowing at the bottom, but it is barely noticeable. I’m hitting the hay early tonight to give me more time to read. (Although I guess really, I will probably be sawing logs within about 14 minutes of reading.)

  7. I was in my local Staples yesterday. In a previous visit I noticed they had removed the Kindle PaperWhite from display. I assumed because Amazon pulled it in the US. Yesterday they had a PaperWhite on display again. I stopped to take a look. I really hope that it wasn’t the new PaperWhite because its screen was extremely disappointing. While I could not do a side-by-side comparison, my impression was that the screen on my Nook Simple Touch is sharper. With the light all the way up, the background was certainly whiter, but the text looked fuzzy to me.

    • You bring up a good point. Since Amazon is using the exact same design as last year, it’s going to be hard to tell the new Paperwhite from the old Paperwhite. That’s going to make things confusing at retail stores, for sure, especially when the staff usually doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to ereaders.

  8. Mine arrived yesterday and with only a few hours with it I can say that it is beautiful. I liked the added contrast and evenness of illumination. Although I own tablets and smart phones the B&W Kindle is my favorite book reading device.

  9. The Keyboard morphing seems like a bit of a mix up, hopefully it was just a technical glitch. From the little I have seem the new KPW seems to have a brighter more readable screen. Am looking forward to getting my ereader soon!