Should Kindles and Other eBook Readers Have Remote Controls?

Futecha Kindle Remote Control Concept

Today Amazon announced a new page flip feature for Kindle ebooks to help make navigating ebooks easier and more convenient, especially with reference type material.

Another thing that could make navigating Kindles and other ebook readers better is adding the option for a remote control. That would be especially useful for folks with disabilities.

People have been known to hack their ebook readers to add support for remote controls.

A few years back someone came up with a way to make a remote control for a Kindle Paperwhite to wirelessly turn pages.

Being able to turn pages without having to touch the screen could come in handy in a number of situations.

And now that the new Kindle adds Bluetooth support it could easily have the ability to connect an external controller.

The video below shows a concept of a remote control for a Kindle. The product doesn’t actually exist but it’s an interesting idea.

What do you think? Have you ever wanted a remote controlled ebook reader?

Futecha Kindle Concept

6 Responses to “Should Kindles and Other eBook Readers Have Remote Controls?”

  1. A remote would be kind of handy on the super cold winter nights we have in NW Minnesota. -40 windchill… heck even our summer nights with the A/C on. I get painfully cold very easily… a light breeze, etc., will chill me on an 80 degree day in the sun.

    (I DO wear gloves to bed most nights during the winter.)

  2. I would love this. One of the advantages of e-reading is propping the device into comfortable and unusual positions, and turning the page becomes the only obstacle. . . I’ve always wondered when the futuristic technology of page-turns with my eyes was going to come along, but a tiny remote would work just fine, too.
    I bet I could even prop it up and figure out a relatively non-gross way to hold the remote in my mouth so I could read while I do my hair. (My mind wanders during audiobooks.) Now that would be e-reader innovation!

  3. Yes, when I’m cooking following a recipe on my Kindle Fire and need to go up or down to check ingredients or directions and my hands are full of food. It would be nice to just say “up” or “down” or “turn page.”

  4. I lost my stylys to BOOX MAX CARTA 13.3″ eReader, where can I buy a new one? Stylus for CARTA II, does not work.