Code Reveals Plans for Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2


It looks like Kobo has plans to release a 2nd generation Kobo Aura H2O later this year.

Someone at MobileRead noticed a reference to a device called the Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 in the code for the latest Kobo software update.

Kobo’s tendency to add “Edition 2” to newer devices makes it pretty clear that they have a new Aura H2O in the works.

I guess calling it the Aura H2O2 wasn’t going to work unless they started selling it with hydrogen peroxide.

The 1st gen Kobo Aura H2O dates back to fall 2014 and is the oldest model in Kobo’s lineup so an update makes sense.

But what upgrades could a newer model bring?

Perhaps they’ll up the screen resolution to 300 ppi to match other devices, but it already has 265 ppi so a bump of 35 ppi is going to be virtually unnoticeable.

They could add a ComfortLight Pro like on the perpetually out-of-stock Kobo Aura One that lets you customize the frontlight color.

What separates the Aura H2O from other models is the fact that it’s waterproof, which is no longer unique now that the Aura One shares that feature as well, and the slightly-larger 6.8-inch screen size.

A new model will most likely have the same screen size as before, but other than that it’s hard-telling what changes they’ll make.

What features would you like to see in a 2nd gen Kobo Aura H2O?

15 Responses to “Code Reveals Plans for Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2”

  1. Don’t really want a 6.8″ device. (I have an Aura HD already). But I would love a 6″ Aura H2O 2nd edition.

  2. “Aura H2O2” I like your humor 🙂

  3. Keep it the same size, just thinner and lighter. The aura h2O feels boxy and slightly on the heavier side. Keep it infrared since fonts appear darker than on carta screens. Continue with sd card as it would definitely be it’s biggest differentiator now that all oher models have abandoned that feature. Ip68 waterproof certified. Definitely 300ppi (hey we’re talking upgrades here, however slightly).
    There’s definitely a market for 6.8″. I still prefer the bigger size of the Aura One but i wouldn’t say its a definite replacement for my H2O.

  4. 10.3″ Screen, 2gb RAM, Quad Core CPU, Android 5.0.


  5. Maybe the easy built in library access like the Aura One?

  6. Why another 6.8″ in the form of H2O Mk2.
    I think they are having problems with Kobo Aura One? Manufacturing or reliability? Or is it the flush screen not depowering?
    New H2O could double battery and have sunken screen. Would not be surprised if Aura One not phased out.

  7. Sorry miss read article but why another Kobo they cant fulfil stock on Aura one? get that sorted first.

  8. That FCC application evidently says it’ll have 300 ppi and the same built-in sdcard-on-the-motherboard as the KA1.

    Other than the bump in screen quality and the removal of the sdcard slot, not much has changed. Reportedly. Seems hardly worth it, IMHO.

    • I’ve been waiting for a KA1 until I (or someone I know) got to Canada; having had an *awful* experience ordering from the Kobo Canada site.

      I finally got tired of waiting and ordered from Indigo. Turns out, it was a remarkably smooth experience; other than having to sign for the thing. It arrived in less than a week and while that’s not quite Amazon Prime speed, it was not a problem at all. Indigo would probably sell a lot more on their site if they didn’t quote a month’s delivery time.

      Anyway, the point is that the product IS available, it’s just that Kobo and Indigo are exceedingly incompetent in marketing the thing.

  9. No USB connection so have 32GB on board Memory, Add Bluetooth to Wi-Fi,
    Inductive charging.

  10. Personally i find the old aura hd the most comfotable to hold with its nice shaped sloping back. No other kobo since has felt as good. I hate the feel of my aura one with its thin sharp edges and nasty scratchy back. Its difficut to hold one handed. Also with the edge2edge screen there is nowhere for your thumb to rest and i find the aura one has a screen that is not very receptive to touch. I would love the new aura h20 2 to maybe offer a 7″ screen but with a better scalloped rear and do not go edge 2 edge with the screen nor make it too thin as this makes it very uncomftable to hold. It needs better lighting and faster screen. I was going to return my aura one and get a h20 as its nicer to hold, but now i will wait.

  11. They should up te resolution to 1920 by 1440. On 6.8″ that gives a beautiful 352 DPI, a significant upgrade of the 1440 by 1080 screen (265 DPI) on the H2O.

  12. I would like to see the screen resolution upgraded to 300 ppi and the overdrive integration they have on the Aura One.

    I actually hate that trend of the screen size is going up – it is frustrating because the 6-inch size fits perfectly in a small purse, and is easy to hold with one hand while reading. If I wanted to read on something tablet-sized…I’d read on my tablet. The 6.8 size is a reasonable compromise I guess.

  13. Plastic substrate for the screen. I mean that’s definitely in my mind the final frontier of ruggedizing e-readers since they’ve already been waterproofed, such a step would also likely reduce weight which is icing on the cake. I mean waterproofing is great and all but personally I’m much more worried about the glass screen on my e-reader breaking than I have ever been about it being waterproofed, so if they really want to make it “worry free” that would be a good step IMO.

    Probably not gonna happen, but one can hope

    • You make a good point. Plastic screens should be the next big wave of improvements now that screen resolution has been maxed out. Plastic screens already exist for 13.3-inch E Ink screens so why not 6-inch screens too? What it taking E Ink so long to offer smaller plastic-based screens?