How Many Weeks Does Your eBook Reader’s Battery Stay Charged?

Kobo Aura One Battery Drain Issue

One of the main things that separates ebook readers from other devices is their E Ink screens that use very little power, making it so ereaders can go weeks without needing their battery charged.

Some companies even claim certain models can go up to 2 months between charges, like the Kindle Oasis and Kobo Aura.

I’ve always found that number to be unrealistic.

Most ereader batteries last about 2-4 weeks with regular usage.

Maybe they can go 2 months if you’re barely using them.

The numbers are usually based on using an ereader for 30 minutes per day with wireless turned off and the frontlight at a medium-low setting.

They used to go by the number of page turns for estimating the battery life of ebook readers. They’d say a battery charge can last up to 8,000 page turns, but I’m pretty sure no one ever sat down and counted them to see if that was accurate.

Now 4-6 weeks is a typical number for many devices. The Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, and Nook GlowLight Plus all boast up to 6 weeks of battery life per charge.

The entry-level Kindle and Kobo Aura One both claim up to 4 weeks of battery life.

On the lower end, ereaders with open Android are often closer to 2 weeks per charge since the operating systems are more advanced and use more power to accommodate a wider range of features.

Those are just estimates, however. The numbers can vary a lot depending on usage.

How many weeks does a battery charge typically last with your ereader?

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  1. One day. My Kindle fire runs thru it’s battery in 24-36 hours. Maybe a little more if I don’t have internet connection or if I don’t play a game. It loads all of my huge library of books and I cannot seem to delete them off of my Kindle after use. I have been very disappointed in the kitchen sleep fire. My best experience with good battery was my Kindle keyboard which actually did last a month or more a it was pretty much just an e-reader… No games, no real internet, no continue drains on it. And I read ALOT.

    • You can delete those annoying books that you have already read by going to Manage your Kindle at Amazon. Time consuming but it works.

  2. I still have and use my old Kindle 3 (later called the Kindle Keyboard). Still has the original battery. It gets daily use, and will stay charged for two weeks, though I charge it up weekly. I never keep the wireless connection turned on (I turn it on during it’s weekly charge).

  3. Last I looked, the two-month claim was for 20 minutes per day of reading, which really got me thinking about how it must be hard for them to realistically develop these claims. . . 20 minutes a day seemed so absurdly low to me that it sounded almost deliberately misleading, but I’m sure many people do just read about 20 minutes a day, maybe on the train or before bed.

    I guess I’m a pretty “heavy user,” when it comes to books. When I’m really into one, I sometimes read 12 hours a day. And some days I don’t read at all, but I’m sure my average is higher than 20 minutes a day.

    My current main reader is a Kindle Voyage, and I charge around every 10 days. I don’t let it run all the way down. I just plug it in when I notice it’s getting a bit low, and FWIW, I’m always surprised by how fast it charges. I keep WiFi on, because I’m less fussed about the battery life than about having to turn the WiFi on every time I need it. I’ve never had the battery just die, not even on those marathon reads.

    My less-used readers include an original Nook Color and a Kindle 4. I know the Nook battery is not in great shape and needs to be plugged in pretty much constantly when not in use. . . I think the Kindle would be better if it got more use, but it doesn’t, so I just keep it plugged in. I’m a bit unimpressed with that, considering my iPod and Nintendo DS from 2006 still hold charges quite well, even when not plugged in or in use for months. But I can’t really complain when my main reader is so reliable.

  4. I have a kobo aura one and read each day about 1 hour. I don’t use wifi but mostly the light is on. I have to charge te reader every week.

  5. Weeks? Better to ask how many DAYS?
    I read quite a bit – probably, at the very LEAST, a couple of hours per day. I get (maybe) 4-5 days on a charge.

  6. I got the Kobo Aura One. The first that I bought I had to change with a new one because the battery life was around 2-3 days. The new one, updated with the new firmware released on December it performs a little bit better: one week before recharging it is the best performance, reading about 45minutes-1 hour a day (no WiFi). Apparently the new firmware just released is not considering to improve the battery drain.

  7. I use my Fire 5th generation for reading, checking emails, Facebook, surfing the net. I have 5 ereader apps divided into different categories (male authors, female authors, non fiction, series, pdfs) and sundry other apps. Wifi is always on. I have to charge my battery every 4 hours or so. It takes 2 hours on average to recharge. Can anyone give me tips on how to prolong battery. I hate having to charge twice a day.

    • Turning off things like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and location services can help a lot, plus turning down the screen brightness.

    • Have you tried reconditioning the battery? There’s an app that checks the cells and (evidently) fixes ones that aren’t functioning. I’ve noticed an increase of about 45 minutes on my Fire HD8 with this. I’ve also noticed that Moon+ eats battery life a lot more than other apps. Not sure why.

      Tablet batteries don’t last forever, though, and after 18 months most of mine are ready to be replaced. The Fire HD8 has been better for some reason. After about 8 months I’m still getting about 8-10 hours; down from 10-12 when new.

  8. I think usage varies by so much that the answers will vary by just as much. What I do know is upgrading from my PW2 (WiFi only) to my Voyage (3G), I noticed a huge drop in battery life. Long story short, it turns out it was 3G eating through battery like crazy. Turning on Airplane mode went from battery life of weeks to months.

  9. “Weeks” of usage is complete marketing bs, of course. Basically, I’m getting about 20 hours from my Paperwhite 3. That seems to be down from 25 hours when it was new and down from about 30+ hours for the Paperwhite 1. My Aura One surprised me with about 23 hours; that’s because I’d heard complaints that it was much lower.

    Compared to 10 hours for my Fire HD8 and 8 hours for my Moto G phone, I’m pretty happy with e-ink battery life.

    FWIW, I noticed an increase in my PWs (1 &3) when I turned off WiFi but not the Kobo Aura 1. I charged it 4 days ago and with WiFi on, it still has 100% today when I used it for the first time.

  10. 2 or 3 evenings of 3-4 hours reading on my Oasis. With frontlight on 10 and wifi off.

  11. I have a Kindle Voyage and I have to charge about every 2-3 weeks. I would normally read about 2 hours a night, 3-5 days a week. I have my brightness set to auto. My Paperwhite 2 used to go 3-4 weeks but I had the brightness stuck at 13. I don’t normally read in the day. I always keep the WIFI on. Too much hassle to take it off and put it back on when I want to do something.

  12. My old Bebook One 2010 (Hanlin V3+) did the “months” thing, up until it got stolen on a train. I currently use two, a Cybook Muse Frontlight, with frontlight turned off, for my daily commute and an Inkpad 2, with frontlight on lowest setting, at home. I average about 30 minutes daily on Cybook and about twice that on the Inkpad. I tend to recharge either slightly less often than once a month.

    Part of my trying out a new e-reader is charging it full and leaving it on standby, with a book active, for four weeks. If it can’t handle that, it’s out.

  13. My Aura One is only 10 days. I have to charge day 10.

  14. My new kindle (8th) is much more lasting

    than other kindle whilte paper 3 but

    if I use wifi and activating bluetooth

    tts fuction and It’s more quikly wore out

    Its battery.

  15. My kobo aura one with WiFi off lasts 4 to 5 days , I read about 3-5 hrs a day . Have had it replaced 3 times still the battery is well below the advertised weeks of life

    • That’s about right on with the estimate. If you read the fine print they say it will last weeks based on reading for 30 minutes per day. So 4 weeks is 14 hours.