Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale: $50 off Oasis, $20 off Kindles

Kindle Oasis Charging Cover

With Mother’s Day one week away, Amazon is having another sale on Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets.

For the first time ever they’ve got the Kindle Oasis on sale, but only the more expensive 3G model, not the Wi-Fi model. It’s $50 off so that puts it at $309.

All the other Kindles are $20 off, including the entry-level Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kids Kindle bundle, and Kindle Voyage.

Amazon also as a couple of Fire tablets on sale.

The Fire HD 8 is marked down to $64.99. That’s $25 off the regular price.

The 16GB entry-level Fire tablet is also on sale for $59.99—that’s $10 off.

The Amazon Echo is on sale too for $30 off the regular price.

Here’s the list of sales; you can find more deals on Amazon’s main deals page:

Kindle Paperwhite – $20 off

Kindle – $20 off

Kindle Voyage – $20 off

Kindle Oasis with 3G – $50 off

Kids Kindle Bundle – $20 off

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle – $40 off

Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle – $45 off

Kindle Essentials Bundle – $35 off

Amazon Echo – $30 off

Fire Tablet – $10 off

Fire HD 8 – $25 off

8 Responses to “Kindles and Fire Tablets on Sale: $50 off Oasis, $20 off Kindles”

  1. I really hope to hear about a new paperwhite soon. (Officially)

  2. I really want to hear about a larger screen Kindle. I don’t think that making the dang thing waterproof is really enough to get folks, like me, interested in buying another Kindle…

  3. I agree that Amazon needs to offer a larger screened e-ink device. My father loves to read but in order to see well he has to have the largest print on his book. He gets easily confused by the display of four words with wide spaces on the Kindle PW. A larger screen would allow him to have a more uniform page and more words. I don’t care how much they reduce the price of their current lineup of kindles I will not buy another one until it is much larger than a six inch screen.

  4. Great post!

    I followed one of your previous posts and successfully installed the Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire.

    Now I am wondering:

    Is it possible to install the Google Play Store on a Kindle (not a Kindle Fire)?


  5. I guess this means no new Kindle this time around. I believe the Paperwhite 3 and Oasis were release around rhis same time back in 2015 and 2016.
    Hopefully they’ll release a new and definitely larger Kindle in the fall. I guess if that new Paperwhite rumor were true then Mothers day would have been a perfect release date the way Kobo announced their new H2O.
    Amazon really needs to stick to a certain release date kind of how Samsung releases their new Galaxy phones around March and Apple releases iPhones in September.

  6. So the *ultra* cheap (and all but worthless) entry-level Fire is only $5 less than the (very usable) Fire HD 8?

    Why would anybody buy that entry-level Fire? Seems to me that they’re trying to empty their inventories of the Fire HD 8 … in preparation for a replacement, maybe? We know that there are 2 new tablets coming and that’s likely one of them.

    The bottom-line, though, is do NOT buy that worthless entry-level Fire. Spend the 5 bucks and upgrade to the HD 8.

  7. Have you noticed that Amazon is down to one SKU — black cover, wifi only– on the Oasis?

    That’s generally an ominous sign for the future of a device at Auntie Amazon’s house. Either the KO is joining the HDX tablet line, FirePhone & DX in that happy hunting ground in the sky OR an Oasis 2 is nigh. Or, perhaps it’s just a temporary inventory mismanagement issue after the sale … but Amazon doesn’t typically make mistakes like that.


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