Video Review of Dasung Paperlike Pro E Ink Monitor

Paperlike Pro

A video review of the new Dasung Paperlike Pro was recently uploaded to YouTube.

It’s one of the first user reviews that gives a good look at Dasung’s latest E Ink monitor in action.

What makes the Paperlike Pro unique is the fact that it’s the first HDMI-equipped E Ink monitor for faster speed and lower latency.

The device has a 13.3-inch E Ink Carta display with a resolution of 1600 x 1200. It has no light or color, just E Ink.

The monitor has differnt display modes to balance detail with speed.

It works with a variety of devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu, and it can connect to iPhones and iPads as well.

The Paperlike Pro is currently available on Indiegogo for $799 plus shipping. The campaign ends in a few days.

The Paperlike Pro is also available on Amazon but it’s a whopping $1399.

Dasung Paperlike Pro Video Review

9 Responses to “Video Review of Dasung Paperlike Pro E Ink Monitor”

  1. I clicked on the link and it sent me to their Indiegogo crowdfunding site….?

  2. Does it make sense to buy the Dasung given that Onyx Boox Max 2 is about to be released?

    • It depends on how fast you want it. I doubt the Max will be anywhere close to as fast as the Dasung. The last video it looked pretty slow. But it will have a lot more features for the price other than being just a monitor. Also I still haven’t seen any definitive release date for the Max 2 yet. Scratch that. It looks like it’s selling in China from TMall.

  3. I guess it makes sense, but the Dasung is also thicker, not as suitable as an extra portable monitor for your laptop say. I’m also concerned with the company – they say on indiegogo that they don’t accept returns, and there’ sno European/American seller, one has to buy on faith basically.

    5000 Yuan is 750$. Is TMall a reliable store?

    • No idea. Never purchased from them before.

    • Hi Joe. Unlike, Tmall is a trusted online website by Alibaba. The companies on that websites must pay a deposit, and will be fined heavily if they do not comply with Tmall rules. So basically it’s very safe to buy there. I’ve already bought many items on that store before

  4. They posted a video showing that allegedly the Max 2 is unsuitable as a monitor, the case being a youtube clip –

    Also, the declared retail price on indiegogo dropped from 1300$ to 1000$.

    I want one of these primarily for work (coding).
    Decisions, decisions

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