What Are Your eReader Wishes for 2018?


Now that 2018 is upon us we have a whole new year of new ebook readers to look forward to, with more possibilities for innovation than ever.

Perhaps a new low-power color display technology like ClearInk will start to take off.

Amazon is due to release an updated Kindle Paperwhite sometime this year. Some folks are hoping for a larger version.

The Kindle Voyage has been out for over 3 years now as well and it could use a refresh.

I’m hoping for more ereaders with plastic-based E Ink screens getting released in 2018. Currently only large 13.3-inch models like the Sony DPT-RP1 and Onyx Boox Max have plastic-based screens, along with the 10.3-inch Remarkable.

Onyx is expected to release some 10-inch models with plastic screens later this year, but hopefully E Ink starts making them for smaller screens as well. It’s time for ereaders to move away from glass screens. Plastic is much lighter and much more durable.

A 6-inch Kindle or a new 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One with a super lightweight plastic screen would be great. Ever since I reviewed the Sony DPT-RP1 I’ve really been looking forward to a smaller version. Without glass, the Sony is much thinner and lighter than you would expect; it’s like a completely different type of device.

Sony and E Ink created a new company called Linfiny last year so there’s a good chance we could start seeing more large-screen E Ink notebooks in 2018 as well.

So what do you want from new ereaders in 2018?

62 Responses to “What Are Your eReader Wishes for 2018?”

  1. I always loved the Sony ereaders and was sad to see them go. I would love to see a comeback with an user friendly book store.
    As long as I am wishing, I want Fictionwise back. There I said it.

    • I’m still using my Sony PRS-T1. Still works like a champ. I think the only thing is the battery only goes about 4 weeks now (instead of 6 weeks) when I first got it. I’m going to do a battery replacement on it in a year or two.

      Really wish Sony was still making e-readers for the consumer market. Maybe with the plastic screen stuff Nathan is talking about. — One can only hope.

  2. Not exactly what you asked, but the main thing I want is firmware that fixes my Aura One’s battery life ridiculousness.

    • My KA1 LE (32GB) is getting 18-20 hours of battery life, up from (about) 14 – 16 hours on the earlier version. New firmware, maybe.

      Battery life is longer when I disable WiFi but the new firmware also makes turning WiFi off/on a major project (I’ve got to restart the device — a couple of times — hold my nose a certain way & pray). I’m not that close to my deity so I’ve learned not to disable it.

  3. I would love a Kindle Fire with no edges like the new smartphones plus more storage. I have had my current 5th generation 16 GB Kindle Fire for about a year and after tons of apps I absolutely need 😉 I can see I’ll be running out of room. I’ve already bought a new one, same size, so Amazon has until 2019 to come up with this…

  4. My dream ereader – A large sized (>10 inches) color ereader with high refresh rate for videos, running latest android with support for touch pencils.

  5. My only wish is to see Sony officially bring the DPT-RP1 in Europe.

  6. Definitely love to see a 7.8 Paperwhite.

  7. 7.8 paperwhite. Pretty please

  8. Longer battery life on the Oasis 2. Even in constant airplane mode, the battery is a disappointment. Perhaps, a firmware tweak might extend some of its useful charge.

    • The Oasis 2 I had (before I got completely frustrated with it and passed it on to a relative) got about 12 hours of battery life.

      My Kobo Aura One is getting 18-20 hours & up to 22 hours when I turn off WiFi (but it’s a huge pain to turn it on again). You should consider a Kobo Aura One.

  9. I would love for Amazon to release a 7” Kindle Paperwhite. I don’t need 32 gigs, I don’t need audio or BT support, I don’t need physical page buttons, don’t need flush bezels, and I don’t need waterproof. Just keep the same design, make it 7 inches, 8gb, slim down the bezels a bit and keep it at $159.
    Also, a new larger Onyx book style cover and It would be perfect.

    • Também acho, Kindle Paperwhite, mas de 8,5″ ou 9,5″ e no maximo 10″ nada mais só isso seria ótimo. Se a Amazon pudesse nos ouvir…

  10. What I want is an e-reader which has an 8″ format (or close to it), physical page buttons, provides an OS designed for e-reading, offers flush bezels, allows varying the temperature of the frontlight, allows the user to customize every aspect of typography & page layout AND allows the user to automatically categorize the on-board library using a PC.

    That, apparently, will NEVER be an Amazon device since they seem determined not to deliver most of those things.
    “Allow the user to completely control the ebook environment? We must stop this immediately” Jeff Bezos has evidently said because Amazon has been thwarting user attempts at doing that for years. When users *try* to make up for Amazon’s lack of concern for their customers — when users scheme to jail-break the Kindle and offer complete user control (and automatic tagging of side-loaded content) — Amazon quickly swats them down

    My perfect e-reader *does* describe a Kobo Aura One except for the physical page buttons. What I want in 2018 is a Kobo Aura One with physical page buttons.

    It would be nice, of course, if Amazon’s Kindle group started caring about their customers but that’s too much to hope for in 2018.

    • What I want is for the Kobo Aura One to be able to send notes and annotations directly from the device itself like I can on my Kindle. Oh well, hopefully they’ll implement that simple feature without having to connect it to Calibre.

    • I agree that it would be fantastic having a 8 inch e-reader from Amazon this year. I believe that the new Oasis 7 inch is a mistake, not being able to compensate PDFs on to the device efficiently. Thus, let’s hope for the best that Amazon might come up with a new Paperwhite 8 inch in 2018!

  11. I seem to be one of the few that actually not only wants to see some bigger screens, but would also love to see something smartphone sized with frontlit display. Something truly portable, hard wearing and waterproof.

    A 4″ or 4.5″ screen would suffice.

    • There were some smaller e-readers on the market. Kobo used to make one. I almost bought it.

      They just didn’t do very well in the market. I assume the main reason is the prevalence of large smartphones.

    • Me too. I had a 5-inch Kobo but eventually it stopped working. Anyway, I need a frontlight anyhow but it was great for bringing along when you travel.

  12. I want 7.5″ Kindle Paperwhite with physical page buttons, a Micro SD slot, and an easily replaceable battery. Waterproof would be nice but not necessary.

    You can get an 8″ Fire tablet with 16GB memory for $79.99 but a 6″ Paperwhite is $119. Hmmmm.

    A Kindle observation. It strikes me as funny/odd that the “experimental” browser that has been around since day one still isn’t ready for prime time.

  13. I like 6″ ereaders. I’d like a 5″ ereader even more. I don’t really expect one, of course.

    In technology we’ve gotten used to the idea that things keep getting better, faster, have more capacity, etc. But when device sales flatten that kind of stops. I think we’ve been lucky with ereaders. Sales got flat and changes have all but stopped but before that happened they got so good it’s really hard to care that much.


    • Well said. I think the primary last frontier with e-ink based e-readers is larger e-readers (at a reasonable price point).

      It is a shame that (probably because of cost) a few features are now not as common like: physical buttons and expandable storage.

  14. I’d like a Voyage with real buttons on both sides. 🙂 If they ever did this, I’d probably buy two so I can have a backup.

  15. Base model Kindle with a 300 ppi screen. I can live without the frontlight, buttons, etc. Just make it as light as possible. My wrists would appreciate it.

  16. eu tambem gostaria muito de um kindle de 7,8″ ou maior com caneta…

  17. I’m also hoping Amazon releases a 300ppi basic Kindle without a front light. Enough with the 167 already.

  18. A Nook Glowlight 3 with built in Overdrive like what the Kobo Aura One does or wireless checking out books like Kindle does.

  19. A basic 7.8″ kindle, please.

  20. 7.8 inch Kindle with amber colored light option at night. (Non blue light)

    Or if kobo allowed syncing of books not purchased in their store, I’d pay a subscription fee for that feature. I went back to Kindle simply because of syncing between phone and ereader

    • I didn’t think about that before buying my Kobo Aura One. Well I am really happy with it but I’m thinking one day I may buy a 6 inch reader for commuting.
      Is there any way to synchronise your progress in a book between 2 Kobo readers, for books not bought in their store? I think not?

  21. Newton OS on Sony DPT-RP1.

  22. I am very happy with my Kindle Oasis 2. It would probably take a 9″ or 10″ color device to open my wallet.

  23. A less expensive Sony DPT-RP1, with the ability to also read e-pub documents.

    Sony DPT-RP1 goes to $250 — I will gladly buy one. Might even buy it at $299.

  24. Boldface font for the Fire HD 8, 6th generation. A recent update didn’t have it.

  25. An Android-based reader with an OS version higher than 4.2, WITH expandable memory. Please.

  26. A 4.5″ reader with frontlight, real buttons, and a magnesium housing. Yeah, that’s probably too many wishes at once. OK, a 4.5″ reader with frontlight would do. 😉

  27. Kobo Aura One but with:-
    Integral Front cover (same as Sony PRT-T3)
    No USB port, Wireless charging and blue tooth book download and Audio book reading.

    After that add
    Solar charging through screen while reading. If Citizen watch’s with eco-drive can do it so can others.

    Or the other way a tablet computer that can be read in full sunlight we are not there yet.

  28. Obligatory requirements:
    – 13.3 inch screen;
    – MicroSD slot;
    – lightweight (below 400 g) and with small margins (like Sony tablet);
    – good screen resolution (300 DPI);
    – USB transfer compatible, able to load files without forcing me to install any damn apps (I’m looking at you Sony and Remarkable!).

    Additional features that would make me super happy:
    – Android (frankly, I wouldn’t care about the ability to install other apps if the default pdf reading app was good, but so far I have seen countless e-readers with bad default apps that need replacements);
    – decent web browser for text heavy websites like Wikipedia or checking e-mail and RSS feeds;
    – advanced note taking (like on Remarkable tablet);
    – usable as a monitor (like Onyx Boox Max 2 PRO);
    – color screen (so far color screens have only 150 DPI resolution, and I don’t like that, I prioritize good screen resolution over color, but still, if somebody could make a 300 DPI color screen, I’d be in ecstasy).

    For the last 4 years I have been closely following e-ink reader market hoping to get a large screen e-reader. So far all the available options (Sony, Onyx Boox and Remarkable) all have serious flaws. If I’m paying close to $1000 for a device I want it to at least have no dealbreakers.

    I’d also like a small screen e-reader with the following requirements:
    -screen size ranging between 6 and 8 inches;
    -300 DPI screen resolution;
    -lightweight and with small margins;
    -MicroSD slot;
    -adjustable frontlight color tone;
    -good pdf reading app;
    -web browser;
    -not forcefully tied to manufacturer’s own e-book shop.
    I’d really like something like Kobo Aura One (there are so many great things about it), but it has a few problems like no MicroSD slot and poor pdf handling software.

  29. Want consistent justification to the left side; Times New Roman font; a great 5-6 inch reader with thin bezel…

  30. A WHITE bezel!

    I miss my white Glo so much. I can’t believe that Kobo sells no white ereaders at the moment while Amazon started selling white Kindles.

  31. 6″ 300dpi carta with an excellent frontlight with colour warmth adjustment and a microsd card slot, all water resistant, and not kindle!

  32. I am looking forward for a foldable eink reader that can fit into my pocket. A5 size ereader that unfolds to A4 with narrow edges will be perfect.

    • I concur. I would prefer it also have a pressure-sensitive stylus for drawing and handwriting recognition, Bluetooth 4.1 for optional headset and keyboard with PostScript printer emulation as a “virtual printer” from the cloud. Traditional PIM apps would be nice (especially if based on Newton OS).

  33. I’m almost with Eric Chan, but would prefer to see the Readius concept – something like a 5-6 inch screen that folds into a REALLY pocketable device, with phone and bluetooth capabilities.

    Really, I’d settle for a working version of the Boox E43/E45, a “normal” smartphone only with an eInk screen. Sure, I couldn’t play (most) games or videos on it, but unbeatable as a pure phone, battery-wise, with the added functionality of a (front-lit, preferably) eInk screen on the commute.

    Oh, and being able to use it as an MP3 player as well would be “the bee’s knees”. Just make sure the storage is big enough or expandable.

  34. I’d like to see an updated Nook 1st. Ed.
    7.8″ 1404×1872 16 greyscale primary eink display as “digital paper”
    Frontlight array with 24 levels amber/blue/white
    1404×420 LED touchscreen for app interaction
    Cortex A9 quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU
    2GB RAM, 32GB internal with MicroSDXC slot for expansion
    802.11n/g/b WiFi plus Bluetooth 4.1
    GPS, accelerometer and microphone
    3.5mm headphone jack (no speakers)
    Rear 13MPixel camera with flash optimized for OCR
    3.5mm headphone jack (no speakers)
    microUSB 3.0 & USB-C ports with OTG support
    4000mAh battery with solar charger in flipcase
    Android 8.0 or Elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki
    Okular 1.3 or Bookworm based e-reader software enhanced with “shelves” concept

  35. For Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:
    – light temperature adjustment (!!!)
    – for the “paper” to be more sepia than white
    – lighter weight (even just 30g less will be a relief!)
    – 7″ display would be great too!

    • I just realized upon posting this how ironic my 2nd “wish” for the Kindle Paperwhite is. Hahaha.

      • That’s also a good reason why I don’t see them adding an orange frontlight to the Paperwhite lineup because it wouldn’t make any sense with a name like that. Never was a fan of the name anyway; it’s too close to paperweight.

  36. 8″ 64GB 300dpi dust- and waterproof paperwhite with epub and pdf support and big battery. How hard is it to make?

  37. I have been trying to buy a Voyage with WiFi and cellular since Christmas and it is always out of stock, plus the covers are mostly gone with a notice they won’t be back so I am guessing some new versions are on the horizon. any ideas ????

  38. A 7″ screen, darker ink, ability to play bluetooth audiobooks and keep users preferred settings from changinging automatically.

  39. NO writing eg: KINDLE, written on face of reader…it’s too distracting.

  40. I would like a Kindle with a decent size screen. I returned my purchased Oasis 2 because the screen wasn’t large enough, and the body was friction-free smooth, so it couldn’t be held without a case. Mostly the size. I have the Kobo Aura One, and the screen size is great. Kindle keeps missing the boat on screen size.

    Or, an eInk Android tablet that can use the Kindle and Kobo apps, and has size and capabilities of a Kobo Aura One or Kindle.

  41. USB-C port so it will be compatible with my other gadgets

  42. The unquestioning acceptance of the consumer model foisted on us by major vendors is the reason innovation is stifled. eReaders are viewed as a platform for sales from a walled garden and what we have is adequate for that. B&N’s slogan for their Nook was “Carry Barnes and Noble in the palm of your hand” and they stayed true to that vision, ignoring the treasure trove of market research volunteered by their users. While the same model plagues the smart phone industry, competition demands higher performance and broader functionality which just happens to overlap with the desires of consumers as well as content providers.

    What do I want? For Apple to release the Newton OS as open source and an updated e-ink MessagePad…

  43. I just want something like my Kindle Paperwhite that plays better with Calibre. I want to manage my collections from my computer, where it makes more sense. I don’t want sideloaded content from outside of the Amazon walled garden to be treated like unwanted guests.