New Software Update Released for Remarkable Paper Tablet

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The Remarkable paper tablet has received its first major software update since being released in September, but unfortunately the update doesn’t include any new reading features or reading enhancements.

The Remarkable has a 10.3-inch E Ink screen and it supports ePub and PDF formats, but it continues to remain more of a writing tablet than a reading device.

The new software version is 1.1. Here’s the page with the release notes.

The update is expected to roll out over the next 10 days.

One of the main themes of the update is improving power management. They also added support for more Wi-Fi connections, and they made it so the writing tool remembers the last used writing tools. See the release notes for the full list of details.

The iOS, Android and desktop apps have been updated as well.

Hopefully the next update will expand on the reading aspects of the device. It’s already very good for writing notes and drawing sketches but it’s about as basic as it gets when it comes to reading features.

Remarkable Update

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  1. My Remarkable device was in the 40-50% battery range at the end of the day with average/moderate use. I have not really read of one user saying the battery lasted days unless it was off or you define days as 2. I am hoping the new update helps. I love the device but days of battery is just not happening. The update removed the % meter so now you look at a battery icon and have to interpret how much is left.

  2. Looks like someone has borrowed and is monetizing Nathan’s Remarkable video review.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty common on YouTube, but those spammer accounts usually don’t last long so it’s not worth worrying about. I deleted the link because they don’t deserve the extra views.

  3. I own a Remarkable and advise people not to buy one, particularly since the software update.

    All I do on the device is draw. And the update ruined that experience.

    Here a list of my woes:

    1) Battery life has been reduced by a third, rather than increased.
    2) Device does not remember my last stroke. For example: I draw with a pencil, put the device to sleep, wake it up later and lo and behold: the device tells me I last used the brush.
    3) The device frequently fails to remember the last lines I drew.
    4) The device randomly turns on its wifi
    5) the device ramdonly turns off
    6) and the latest is the ” error loading document” message which keeps popping up lately. It deöetes the content of the document and then sends the device into a coma.

    I’m returning my Remarkable because the only remarkable things about it are: the remarkably bad user experience and remarkably bad support. I contacted them multiple times: pleading, cajoling and threating. Nothing. The company only cares about one thing: your money. Keep away.

  4. The updates greatly improved a great product already. The battery life is lasting longer and I am getting less hangups when reading large ePubs. The reading features still are lacking but it is usable and so much better than my Kindle Voyage when reading tech books. They cleaned up a lot of the UI issues and haven’t had a crash since the update (switching between large ePubs). Hopefully the next round of updates adds some very needed reading features.

  5. I haven’t received the update (maybe I don’t want to given Thomas’ comment above). How did anyone else receive it? I have the Auto Update switch set to “On” on my reMarkable tablet.

  6. The battery life was not as promised when I received my remarkable, but it has improved with the software update.

    I am a lawyer and got the tablet for two reasons: to annotate PDFs and be able to have clients fill in forms by hand without creating more paper. It is fantastic. I am waiting for better wifi connectivity and cloud service integration, the two things that are holding it back for my purposes right now.

    If you just want to read, probably not the tablet for you. But if you need to draw, write or create you can do no better.

  7. I love my reMarkable tablet. I have the newest version, and have not experienced any problems. I’m still learning all the different features, but I have already started taking notes and creating folders. The battery life is fine. I have been running on my current charge for about 2 days now. Although, I haven’t been using it for hours at a time.

    It’s the BEST writing tablet I have found. I’ve been waiting for a device like this for many years.

  8. My reMarkable uploaded a software update for my iPad, but the reMarkable tablet did not update to the same software version. Curious, anyone else notice this? Thanks.

    FYI, I really like the tablet, and use it for everything.

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