Video Review of Gvido Dual Screen E Ink Music Reader

Gvido Dual Screen E Ink Music Reader

I came across a video review of the Gvido music reader on YouTube today.

The Gvido is a unique device with two 13.3-inch E Ink screens connected together. It has two screens because it’s designed specifically for displaying sheet music.

It’s an interesting-looking device and the hardware seems pretty nice but it looks like the software still needs some work.

The Gvido first made an appearence in June 2016 as an early prototype.

There have been some delays since then but it was finally released late in 2017, and now it’s available to purchase from the Gvido website for a wallet-emptying $1600.

The Gvido uses flexible E Ink screens so it’s thin and lightweight for its size at just 6mm thick and 660 grams.

It doesn’t have a frontlight and the screen doesn’t support finger touch. It has a Wacom touchscreen so it requires using a stylus pen, which seems like an odd choice if you’re holding an instrument in your hands.

As far as storage, it has 8GB of internal space and there’s a microSD card slot. It has WiFi and three infrared page buttons to page forward and back. Battery life is rated at 3 days, and it supports PDF format.

They also sell a foot switch for an extra $300 and the cover is $300 as well. Apparently you need to be a highly-successful musician to afford one of these!

GVIDO Dual Screen Music Reader

3 Responses to “Video Review of Gvido Dual Screen E Ink Music Reader”

  1. A friend of mine is a professional pianist and nowadays he uses an iPad pro with a foot pedal almost exclusively both when practicing and playing concerts. For a touring pianist used to carrying several kgs of sheet music this type of device with two screens can be a very interesting option if the software is optimised for the task. Musicians are used to writing with a pen, and are sometimes writing a lot of marks so I can see the advantage of using a Wacom touchscreen. As a amateur musician though I guess the price has to be reduced with a 5th before I would consider it.

  2. Lots of page turner pedals that can be used with an Android tablet, and iPad, or a computer/laptop that sell for around $100.

    One good example is the PageFlip Firefly page turner pedal.

    I do like the idea of two screens, but this Gvido e-reader is a pretty pricey solution.

  3. I am somewhat underwhelmed by the inability to do touch-screen operations with your finger. From another review I gather that a music stand light is needed in dim lighting because the GVIDO is not backlit. May the next version of GVIDO address these issues.

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