Scribd Brings Back Unlimited eBook and Audiobook Plan

Scribd Unlimited

Scribd is a subscription service that provides access to a library of ebooks, audiobooks, comics, newspapers, magazines, and sheet music all for a monthly fee of $8.99.

Today Scribd announced that they’ve officially brought back their “unlimited” subscription plan, although it’s unlimited with an asterisk.

A couple years back Scribd changed their unlimited model to a system that used a limited number of credits each month.

But now credits are out and most customers have unlimited access to Scribd’s catalog of ebooks and audiobooks once again.

The one stipulation seems to be if you use the service too much then you’ll lose unlimited access for part of the month.

They give no specifics on how much is too much but I guess some will soon find out.

The cost for a subscription remains the same $8.99 per month.


2 Responses to “Scribd Brings Back Unlimited eBook and Audiobook Plan”

  1. It may be unlimited; but they have reduced the amount of e-books available from individual authors. At this moment I don’t know if that’s from new contractual arrangements with the authors. It spoils my reading habit of reading more than one or two books from the same author.

    I have been with Scribd all together, about four years. I loved their first unlimited reading subscription. Unsubscribed during their massive subscription change; of about two years ago, and re-joined year and a half ago, maybe more. I gotten use to the three e-books, and one audio book. I’ll wait and see, if I will continue with them. I’m one those subscribers who reads over four books a week. So my library with them is in the hundreds of books. I read for pure relaxation, so I can go back to stories I read a few years ago.

  2. So far i am happy with the new unlimited plan. I especially like it for audiobooks. But we will see if I’m one the few over users of the plan. So far since the change over last week I’ve listen to two books.