Kindle Oasis 2 Now Available in Champagne Gold

Kindle Oasis Gold

Bust out the champagne, Amazon has added a new color option for the Kindle Oasis 2.

Initially it was available in a gray graphite color only, but now there’s a champagne gold Kindle Oasis that will start shipping next week.

It appears to only be available in the 32GB option, with ads or without, and it’s not available with cellular connectivity at this time.

Otherwise it’s the same exact device; it just has a different color on the back and sides.

Adding a new color option at this point is kind of odd considering the fact that Amazon stopped selling the official Kindle Oasis 2 covers and still hasn’t brought them back.

Aside from a small border on the front, the gold color is on the back and the sides of the device only so if you use one of the cases that covers the back, which is pretty much all of them, including the ones that Amazon recommends, the color of the Kindle Oasis doesn’t really matter much unless you take it out of the case to read.

Nonetheless, it’s always good to have options. The gold Kindle Oasis 2 officially gets released on March 22nd.

Gold Kindle Oasis 2

6 Responses to “Kindle Oasis 2 Now Available in Champagne Gold”

  1. I’m not gonna buy it, but I do like the color. I know they were going for a more premium Kindle with the new Oasis, and this one actually does look premium. And I never use a case on my Kindles. One of the reasons to buy an e-reader is because they are so light, and the case adds unnecessary weight. I prefer to use a sleeve to keep it safe when not in use.

    • I’m the same way. The original Amazon cover is designed to be easily taken off while reading, and that’s how they intend the Oasis to be used, but without those covers available anymore the whole concept is standing on one leg.

  2. This device really is better to read on without the case, in which case both you and other can observe how pretty it is. And this gold one is prettier than my gray one. If we’re buying, right now, I’d probably opt for gold. I don’t want it that bad though. I’m keeping this one until it dies.

  3. Probably the first EVER Kindle which has visual appeal to a wider audience than just “hard rock book worms”. Interesting, how long it is going to last. The gold might be a big selling point in fact. Just remember how much hype created release of iPhone 5s in Gold…

  4. Shouldn’t they fix the problems before they start offering more color choices?