Amazon Bringing Back Kindle Oasis Covers Soon

Kindle Oasis 2 Cover

It looks like Amazon is finally getting set to re-release their official covers for the Kindle Oasis 2 in the next month or two.

I happened to stumbled across new listings at Amazon showing both the leather and fabric covers for sale. Currently the pages are placeholders that say “Staging Product – Not for Retail Sale”.

But technically they are for sale because you can add them to your cart and proceed to checkout just fine.

However, it says that shipping is 1 to 2 months away.

That seems to be a pretty standard estimate that they use; I wouldn’t be surprised to see them released sooner in a few weeks.

Shortly after the new Kindle Oasis came out, Amazon stopped selling their Amazon-brand covers after a bunch of negative reviews and customer complaints.

They’ve been unavailable for the past few months, other than used. Amazon started recommending CaseBot cases as an alternative a couple months ago.

But now it looks like the Amazon covers will be back again soon. Amazon is likely giving them new product pages since the originals are already flooded with hundreds of negative reviews.

The pictures of the covers in the new listings look the same as before. Perhaps they just switched to using stronger magnets since that seemed to be the biggest complaint.

The leather covers are priced at $59.99 and the fabric covers are $44.99. The same as before.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if the attachment defect was part of the device itself–weak magnets or too small metal or something inside the hardware. Meaning a new case design wouldn’t improve matters, so they scrapped it. Glad to see that’s not the… er, case.

  2. (Not that it matters anymore, with cheap and fantastic covers out from third-party makers.)

    • Oh, it matters. Amazon covers are much better quality than cheap 3rd party covers, and they’re the only ones that attach to the unique contour of the Oasis. Why spend $250-$350 on nice new Oasis and then stick it in a cheap-feeling $10 cover? I just got the CaseBot case to tryout and I like original cover much better, despite what all the cantankerous reviewers at Amazon think.

  3. I got mine 2 weeks ago at a Amazon Kiosk in the mall. They work fine.

  4. The Ayotu case for the Oasis 2 is basically the same as the official Amazon cover, albeit it doesn’t have the origami stand.

    I, however, am I excited to hear about an updated Amazon version as my biggest complaint with the last one was simply that the magnets were to weak.

    Ideally I want a case that I protects the screen while being transported, can act as a stand when reading at a table, and can be easily removed when wanting to hold the kindle (so it is as light as possible).

  5. The link is now showing a Page Not Found message. 🙁

    I really hope they actually release an updated cover. I tried to buy one of the Ayotu cases someone mentioned above, but I only received an empty box…

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