Alf’s DRM Removal Tools Now Support Kindle’s KFX Format

Apprentice Alf

Last week Apprentice Alf released a new version of the DeDRM tools with added support for KFX format, so now you can easily import KFX books to Calibre to create backups and convert them to other formats.

KFX is Amazon’s latest format for Kindle ebooks. It adds support for the newer enhanced formatting features and settings.

Previously users had to rely on using older Kindle formats for conversion, and ever since Kindle for PC was updated last year to add KFX support, that became a bit of a problem.

But now it’s possible to make your purchased KFX ebooks DRM-free as well if needed.

With this initial release, they still recommend using the older Kindle formats when possible for more consistent conversions, but it’s good to see the DeDRM tools officially getting KFX support moving forward.

Here’s the link to GitHub with the latest releases of the DeDRM tools. The current version with KFX support is 6.6.0. Like always, the tools are free for everyone—don’t get duped into paying for ebook DRM-removal software.

You also need the KFX Conversion Input Plugin to import your KFX books into Calibre.

Check Apprentice Alf’s Blog for directions and for help if you encounter any problems using the DeDRM tools.

9 Responses to “Alf’s DRM Removal Tools Now Support Kindle’s KFX Format”

  1. I’m using it but you will never guess why… Sometimes getting Kindle books to read on my Kobo 🙂

  2. Some months ago I installed Alf’s DeDRM plug on Calibre. It didn’t work. Yesterday I took another look at it. After I added the Kindle serial number, Alf’s DRM worked.

  3. Any software that does this for audiobooks? Such as audible aax files to mp3?

  4. I have purchased subscription of Kindle Magazine and I can’t read it on my PC or Mac.
    Tried calibre option with 6.6.3 and KFXinput but still no luck.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  5. Hi,

    I changed Kindle to 1.17 version, and installed both plugins, then restarted Calibre, no luck. It comes up, after all done, saying that it is locked by DRM.

  6. Is there anything special or different that needs to be done for these need-latest-PC-software books to be de-DRM’d? I’m considering leaving the older version on the XP-based VM, and creating a second VM with maybe Windows 7 to handle these new things. But not even sure how to test it before dropping over a hundred on a needed textbook, so anything special required?