Is the $79 Entry-Level Kindle About to Get Replaced?

2016 Kindle

There’s something going on at Amazon. Signs are pointing to a new Kindle (or two) getting released soon.

Last week there was a notice on the Kindle Paperwhite’s product page saying a newer model was available, but it led to an older page and then the reference was removed after a couple of hours.

And now today it looks like Amazon is getting ready to kick the entry-level Kindle out of the Kindle family.

The $79 Kindle has suddenly been removed from all the Kindle comparison tables at Amazon, and it no longer appears in the Kindle family banner at the top of Kindle pages.

On the main Kindle landing page it’s no longer included in the Kindle ereader family list, except as the Kindle for Kids bundle, and it’s gone from the comparison table there too.

The entry-level Kindle is still in stock and shipping, but as of now Amazon isn’t advertising it alongside the other Kindle models. There’s really no reason to do that unless they’re planning to get rid of it soon.

The entry-level Kindle is actually newer than the current Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage so replacing it and not them would be a strange move, to say the least.

But of all the models it could be argued the entry-level Kindle is the one in most need of being replaced because of its severely outdated low-resolution E Ink Pearl screen. All other models moved onto using higher-resolution Carta screens years ago.

So is a new Kindle about to drop? Or is someone at Amazon just messing with us again?

Update: A day later and the Kindle has returned to the comparison tables, the top banner, and the Kindle family list so I guess they were just messing with our heads again. It’s weird how they would go through the trouble of editing multiple web pages to remove all references to it and then a day later putting everything back exactly how it was. None of it adds up…

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  1. Also, the Paperwhite is on sale for 89.99.

    • It seems to depend on when you look at the page. I saw that as well a few times but now it’s back to $119. They have it on sale at $89 for Prime Student members so maybe their filter isn’t working right or something. Either way something is definitely up because they keep changing things on Kindle pages.

  2. Maybe they’ll get rid of it completely. Kobo’s cheapest ereader is over $100 and has a front light. I still read on my KK but it’s way nicer reading on my voyage. Having used a lighted kindle, I’d definitely choose lighted over not lighted and 300 ppi over 212 ppi.

  3. I can see a low-brightness back-light solely for low light reading being a marketable product at a slightly lower cost than a paperwhite (probably $79).

    It’s easy to forget how awesome the paperwhite was in its initial release compared to other readers with glossy screens that required an led reading light with a low watt CFL ceiling bulb in the room. I never cared about the whiteness of the screen, i cared about the brightness of it in low-light situations.

  4. Now today the $79 Kindle doesn’t even appear in Amazon’s search results except refurbished. At this point I’d be surprised if a new model isn’t announced soon.

    • From front page, if you choose Department> Kindle E-Reader&Books> Kindle then it is shown as ‘in stock’.

      It is also available for International buyer, albeit at $99 because it has no ads.

      • Yeah, it’s in stock but they’ve removed references to it on other Kindle pages and in search results. That’s what makes it so odd because clearly it’s still in stock and available to purchase but you have to go out of your way to find it.

  5. I wonder if they’ll wait until after Aug 31st to release a new model. Some of us have a 25% discount on a new Kindle from the recent trade-in promotion, and Amazon usually doesn’t discount new models. (Promotional discount expires 8-31.)

    • I don’t see that as being much of a deterrent. They’d just say it’s not applicable on the newer model.

      • Yeah, true, although the fine print for the discount seems pretty clear that it applies to any new Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis or Kindle for Kids bundle. Seems they’d need a new name to wiggle out of this.

        I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before ordering… 🙂

  6. Now they brought it back to the comparison tables, the top banner, and the Kindle family list so I guess they were just messing with our heads again. Why go through the trouble of editing multiple web pages to remove all that and then a day later bringing everything back exactly how it was before? Makes no sense…

    • That’s crazy. I think they are trying to get some rumours / kindle publicity… which still may mean that they are releasing something soon.

  7. Could be doing some A/B testing.

  8. You know what would make me happiest, a 300ppi Basic Kindle with the soft back rubber coating of the KK or Kindle 5.
    At this point I dont care about a larger lighted Kindle or even new Paperwhite. They can never get the lighting right anyway and the new boldness setting is way off, way to bold with a single slide. No thanks just give me a 6” basic kindle with 300ppi and inky pitch black fonts!

  9. I would be very happy to have the DX brought back – more modernized – 300 ppi and light weight. It wouldn’t even need to have a front light – just the larger screen.

  10. Can’t access my reader. Password was entered without my permission.