Kindles and Kindle Apps Now Support Arabic Language Books

Kindle Arabic eBooks

Amazon officially announced today that Kindles and Kindle apps now support Arabic language books.

People often ask if Kindles support Arabic, and not being a person that reads Arabic I’m always unsure of the answer, but now Arabic language books are officially supported so that question is answered.

Amazon also unveiled an Arabic section in the Kindle Store with over 12,000 Arabic language Kindle books available.

Here are the links for, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany.

The Arabic language Kindle books are available on Amazon’s lineup of Fire tablets and Kindle devices, as well as the Kindle apps for iOS and Android.

It’s not stated anywhere in the press release but I don’t think Arabic books will work with older Kindles. It looks like a Paperwhite 2 or newer is required, according to the “Available on these devices” list on the product pages for Arabic ebooks. Some of the older Fire devices aren’t listed either, but anything released in the past five years will work.

With the last firmware update for Kindles that added support for custom fonts, they also listed support for Arabic ebooks initially, but then they removed that reference the next day—guess they weren’t ready to unveil that feature yet. So if your Kindle is running older software it might need updating first.

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4 Responses to “Kindles and Kindle Apps Now Support Arabic Language Books”

  1. From discussion at MobileRead, I believe they are KFX format only. Ways to get copies in the older formats do not work for these.

  2. Now if they can get them translated into English that would be real new 🙂

  3. That is great! Thank you very much for letting us know.

  4. We waited 11 years for this.. im in tears :’) …