10.3″ InkBook Infinity eReader and Notepad Coming Soon

InkBook Infinity

There’s another new ereader and digital notepad with a 10.3-inch E Ink screen coming to the market soon called the InkBook Infinity.

This is the third new InkBook revealed in the past couple of months to go along with the 6-inch InkBook Lumos and 7.8-inch InkBook Explore.

The InkBook Infinity is expected to be available on Kickstarter soon.

They have a webpage where you can signup to be notified and get 30% off with an early bird deal. There’s no word on pricing yet, however.

Even though the device appears to be made by Boyue like other InkBooks, it has a different design than the 10.3-inch LikeBook Note that was recently released, and the specs are slightly different.

It has a single-core processor and 1GB of RAM, with 8GB of storage space and a microSD card slot for cards up to 32GB. It has a USB-C port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 3000 mAh battery. The 10.3-inch E Ink screen has 227 ppi and it supports both capacitive and stylus touch.

The InkBook Infinity runs Android 4.4.2 and is open to install apps. The built in reading app supports ePub, PDF, CBZ, MOBI, TXT, FB2, HTML, and RTF formats.

They don’t mention it specifically but it clearly has a frontlight in the video and pictures.

Here’s a short teaser video that was posted on YouTube.

InkBook Infinity Teaser Video

11 Responses to “10.3″ InkBook Infinity eReader and Notepad Coming Soon”

  1. Flush bezel? Nah, I’ll pass..

    • If it’s not made out of glass and it has a nice matte texture like Sony’s Digital Paper devices it might be quite nice. I’m not against flush screens, just glass screens. Too bad it doesn’t have page buttons, though.

  2. I had impression that Onyx with Boox Max2 added homework to all other e-ink vendors. Apart from front light, everything else does not goes near to Onyx. Of course if the price is right it might be tempting.

    • The tech website Liliputing.com has a post on this device and I found a couple of comments on it very interesting. Apparently, this device uses the i.MX6 processor that was first unveiled at CES in 2011. The kernel does support newer versions of Android (including 8.0 and the recently released 9.0, nicknamed Pie) but the System on Chip (SOC) software to run wifi and everything else an ereader like this does is only available in bulk purchases of 10,000 or more. Combine that with the fact RAM prices have kept spiking off and on for most of the past couple years and it’s understandable why nobody’s tried to match the Boox Note, including Onyx itself. The recently released smaller Note S device reverted back to the lesser specs of Onyx devices released prior to the Boox Note.

      I’ve pretty much given up on there ever being a “unicorn” ereader device that does everything I want it to do (stylus enabled for notetaking/PDF highlighting, exportable to Evernote and/or One Note and a good ebook reading experience that doesn’t require me to convert my lengthy TBR list of ebooks purchased from Amazon.) If such a device ever exists it’ll probably be far too expensive for the mass consumer market unless Amazon is the company that develops it, and Bezos doesn’t seem interested in releasing a new version of the DX at all, much less one with a stylus.

      • That makes sense. But to clarify one point, the Onyx Boox Note S has less RAM and storage space than the 10.3″ Note, but it still has a quad-core CPU and Android 6.0 so it’s still a step up from previous Onyx devices.

  3. Android 4.4.2? Forget it.

    These device makers need to either get much better at learning to make Android do what they want it to do or stop trying to use Android as the OS. Onyx recently used Android 6.0 so it’s not impossible.

    • I think Android 4.4 is better than Android 6 for an ereader as it is much lighter than Android 6. So I don’t see it as a problem. (They should update to 4.4.4 because of security issue though -check the 4.4.4 android update).
      The BIG problem of this ereader is that it doesn’t have page turn buttons..

  4. Please Inkbook add some physical page turn buttons, and I will buy it, it is sooo important on an ereader.
    Great to see that they have included a micro-sd card slot.

  5. At least they have light built in. All those expensive and great readers with pen have no light on so they are useless from the start…

  6. And I think the project is dead.

    https://inkbookinfinity.wishpond.com/ = error 404