Closer Look at Clearink’s 2.0 Color ePaper (Video)

Clearink 2

Charbax has uploaded a long, detailed video showing Clearink’s latest Color ePaper 2.0 from SID Display Week 2019.

Clearink is a new low-power color display technology that is attempting to take a bite out of the LCD market, largely as part of the education sector with tablets and basic laptops.

Lenovo recently invested in Clearink so that’s a good sign for the company moving forward.

And Clearink won the People’s Choice Award at SID’s Display Week so the technology is clearly something people are interested in.

The only problem with Clearink is they’ve been saying they’ll have a commercial product available “next year” for like 5 years now. Then every year they show off another half-finished prototype that isn’t anywhere close to being a usable product.

Hopefully Clearink can eventually get a working product on the market, unlike all the other low-power color display technologies that have come and gone over the past 10 years.

I can’t help but point out the irony of Clearink using LCD TV monitors to advertise their Clearink displays at their SID booth.

CLEARink ePaper 2.0 Display Week 2019

5 Responses to “Closer Look at Clearink’s 2.0 Color ePaper (Video)”

  1. They have the investments, the factories, an already well working technology, commitments: what else do you demand Nate, more discipline and a butler’s apparel? It will be ready when it is. Things are moving in the right direction, that is the important thing.

    • They could at least create a functional prototype. They’ve been showing the same half-assed mock-ups for years. I’m still highly skeptical that Clearink will ever be used in a mainstream consumer product. And their 1 month battery claim is as ridiculous as E Ink’s. Sure, if you’re not using the device much the battery might last that long, but under normal usage scenarios it’ll never last anywhere close to one month. Those kind of exaggerated claims put me off. How many other facts are they exaggerating?

      • Eink’s claims are based on using the device 30 minutes a day. For my Kobos it’s been true, for the Voyage it was true, and for the Oasis 2 and Glowlight Plus 7.8 it’s a boldface lie.

        But also eink isn’t making the claim, their customers are.

        • Yeah, but the Voyage’s battery life claim was 6 weeks, like the current Paperwhite. At one time B&N was saying Nooks could go 2 months, and so did Amazon with the early Paperwhite. Either way it’s total bs. At least Kobo just gives an ambiguous “weeks” estimate now, and they probably have the best battery life.

  2. Hell yes@! It would be really cool to see those in tablets. I don’t expect it fast though.