Will Kobo Release a New eReader in 2019?

Kobo Aura

I can’t help but notice that things have sure been quiet at Kobo lately. There hasn’t been any major software updates or new features added in a long time, and they rarely run sales or do any promotions to draw attention to themselves.

Releasing a new reading device in 2019 could shake things up a bit and get things rolling again.

Of the four current Kobo models, two are starting to get pretty old by ebook reader standards.

The Kobo Clara HD was released in June 2018 and the Kobo Forma was released in October 2018, so those models are recent, but the 6.8-inch Kobo Aura H2O was released back in May 2017 and the Kobo Aura was released in September 2016.

The Clara HD is a nice inexpensive 6-inch ebook reader that sometimes goes on sale for $99 at Walmart, and the Kobo Forma is a nice larger device with some premium features, but it’s very expensive at $279.

There’s a big gap between those two devices that needs to be filled with another option.

Frankly the Kobo Aura H2O is kind of boring in 2019. Being just slightly larger than a typical ebook reader, the 6.8-inch screen size has never really caught on that well. Most people want something a little larger if they’re going to go up from a 6-inch screen.

And whatever happened to premium 6-inch models? It seems like everyone has shifted to selling cheap 6-inch devices in the past few years and expensive larger models. How about a premium 6-inch Kobo that’s waterproof and has page buttons? People shouldn’t have to pay nearly $300 to get an ebook reader with page buttons.

Kobo has a history of releasing new devices this time of year in September or October, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new model getting released soon, but so far there haven’t been any signs or rumors.

What would you like to see from the next new Kobo ebook reader?

26 Responses to “Will Kobo Release a New eReader in 2019?”

  1. How about a premium 5 inch Kobo? I want a new Kobo Mini, with frontlight, waterproof and page buttons. It should be fast too, more responsive UI.

    • I’m all for it! I love small portable ebook readers but everyone just says that’s what phones are for…

    • I’m with you, Tom. I would pay $150 for a 5 inch Kobo as you describe, but I would trade the page buttons for a micro SD slot. And I’d pay another fifty bucks if it had a replaceable battery.

    • That sounds cute and I’d totally be interested! Unfortunately it seems that the top wishlist features from most seem to be larger screens, but I love portability.

  2. I’ll take a Kobo like the new Nook Glowlight Plus.

  3. I have a feeling they’ll probably release the follow up to Aura One this year, naming it the Aura Two or something similar. Released back in 2016 it’s due for an update. It’ll come with advanced features, latest technology most likely USB-C and about 10 years ahead of whatever Amazon is offering right now. We’ll see.

    • I think Kobo considers the Forma the successor to the Aura One.

      • I don’t think so because of the different design and size. Its a different device altogether. Also, the H2O second edition has the same specs and similar form factor as the original H2O so I think the Forma is it’s own entity. Considering the Aura One was released back in September 2016, I think we could be in store for a follow up soon.

      • Hi nath

        Before when we buy kobo ereader we can read our language Arabic book in it but now and starting from kobo forma we can’t add fonts
        i only read in Arabic book and I own old kobo ereader (kobo aura hd ) which I can add Arabic fonts and read on it but now no one will buy their devices especially from Arabic reign
        Why someone will buy device he can’t use it !

  4. I’d actually really like to see a new 6.8” model, but in the same size body as the current 6” readers. I would like a bigger screen but I don’t want to sacrifice portability. If they could somehow fit in physical (or Voyage-like) page turn buttons too that would make it perfect. Oh, and USB-C, obviously.

  5. If Kobo released a reasonably priced 6 inch Kobo that had Libby quality library support (multiple cards, reading position synchronization, and maybe add shared tags with the app), and maintained their Pocket support, I’d be interested.

    I’d have to ease back into Kobo with a reasonably priced device, as I switched to Kindle to get a better library experience.

    Otherwise, Pocket is the only thing drawing me to their ecosystem, and the ecosystem is more important than the device. I still have my old Kobo and use it for Pocket sometimes, but it usually lives in a drawer.


    • I can search the public library from the device on my H2o 2. How much better can a library integration get than that?

  6. I’d just like to see a kobo ereader without frontlight imperfections or issues. And I’d pay good money for that! If kindle can get it so close with the oasis 3…

    • I agree!
      The screen of my Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is perfect. But unfortunately I hate the big bezels. That’s why I recently bought a Kobo Clara HD. But OMG, the screen was terrible. Yellow at the top, white at the bottom. And the light bleed on the sides from the LEDs was just awful. (I sold it, because I just couldn’t use it when I still have my Kindle paperwhite with a perfect screen.)

      Make a nice small e-reader with a perfectly even screen and I would pay up to $300 for that.

  7. Any 6-7in USB-C Kobo device with updated software and mildly updated specs for around $100 would get my money. It’s gotta have warm lighting, and of course replaceable parts are always preferred (SD card, Batt). But I can go without water proofing and perfection anyday. Function and reliability are my key buying points for most things. Have had my Az Kindle Keyboard for 10 years now, and I get by alright (had to swap out the battery recently though).

  8. Kobo’s experimental browser, anyone? I noticed at the end of a library book that my Clara asked if I wanted to go to the author’s website via the experimental browser. Didn’t see anyway to engage it aside from going to that site, no option to search or anything. Would love a browser to download files.

  9. Whatever they do, I really hope they will only release models with flush screens from now on. The indented screen on the Clara is the only thing I don’t like about it. It casts shadows, collects dirt and makes it looks like something from 2010.

  10. I like my KOBO H2O edition 2 Not quite 7 inches but looks big to me while reading. I am happy with it. I purchased a wireless charging receiver and now I am charging wirelessly

  11. I am a current Oasis owner. I have been debating for a while now about leaving Amazon and am just waiting for a new Kobo release. I have had it with Amazon! I truly believe they do not care what avid readers really want in their devices!! And that’s fine, because I DO NOT have to buy from them anymore! I mean seriously, I have been wanting comfort light for years now ( along with everyone else) and they just now decided to offer it.
    From all the research I have done, Kobo seems to listen to it’s readers. I would love the reading stats, comfort light, waterproof, borrow from library, and a 6.8 in screen with option of buttons at a reasonable price. I am very vested in Amazon, but the option to load books to Kobo from Amazon is very appealing.
    Amazon is too big, and has forgotten how they got there!!
    Kobo if you read this, Please release an ereader to knock the socks off Amazon!!!

    • @Tricia i have kindle, kobo, nook. Kobo is great. generates reading stats as you read and you can lend ebooks from your library directly from device without need to use a computer. When a hold is available its auto sent to the kobo device. Also the new oasis does not disappoint. The nook glowlight is amazing as well

  12. 7,8 inch

    Jack inside

    full browser not mobile (EXTENSIONS firefox chrome etc.! big big miss)

    note witch save to txt
    and clever notes to ebooks

    4gb memory not 1 or 2

    any kind of options to use bottoms and screen tap
    at least 6 button or good screen to us for example read out loud and dictionary on the same time

    dictionary with phonetic

    automatic next page function on 1ms timing scale option

    my choice would be this (using inpad 3 right now and it’s slow -make high end ebook readers please)

  13. A 6 inch kobo ereader would be great with access to local library
    A 4-8 gb hard drive and ability to manually sync ereader instead of
    Syncing every time you turn ereader on! It’s a nuisance to have to turn off internet access when you open ereader.
    A flush screen would be good too
    A USB-C connector is a must
    A replaceable battery
    Cost wise under $200Aus!