Hisense Releasing New A5 E Ink Phone for €100? (Video)

Hisense A5 E Ink

Hisense has released three dual screen smartphones over the past few years that have an E Ink screen on one side of the phone and an LCD screen on the other side.

The Hisense A6 is their most recent model, and now they’ve got a newer version, the Hisense A6L, with some upgrades.

Hisense also has a new E Ink only model, the A5, that has a 5.8-inch E Ink screen with no LCD screen at all, but it does have a frontlight so you’ll still be able to see the screen in the dark.

The phone runs Android 9.0 and it has an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

It has 64GB of storage space and 4GB of RAM, with a 4000mAh battery and front and rear cameras (13MP and 5MP).

The Google Play store and Google apps are shown running on the device so that’s a good sign.

In the video the rep says the Hisense A5 is expected to sell for €100 (about $100) when it becomes available later this year, but realistically that doesn’t sound right. No E Ink phone has ever been close to that cheap before. It would be great if true but I just don’t see it happening. The Kingrow K1 is another E Ink phone that runs Android and it’s currently selling for $350.

The Hisense A6L is expected to go for €250, according to the Hisense rep.

Hisense A5 and A6L E Ink Phones

16 Responses to “Hisense Releasing New A5 E Ink Phone for €100? (Video)”

  1. If its under $200, and can at least run a Navigation app (at least usable)…. I would definitely consider buying this.

    • Me too!
      Don’t recall if it had a headphone jack. I’m interested in a pre-installed FM tuner app. I like to listen to free classical music (without needing WiFi) while performing chores. The headphone jack is the antenna.

  2. I am extremely interested. I’d pay more than that honestly.

  3. I want to Buy. How to Buy at Colombia?

  4. I’d buy it for sure. It is almost too cheap. (If the information is real.)

  5. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this to be released. Currently 100 euro = 111 US dollars. I would pay twice that much if they can get US certification.

    • I think it was posted somewhere that it won’t get us certification bec an e-ink screen doesn’t meet the standards bec it can’t play videos to the standard required for certification.

  6. Be careful though, it seems to me the screen is reflective as if any other shiny tablet.

  7. Hope some day “they” (e-ink industry) finally release e-ink tablet without any limitations except e-ink itself

  8. I have bought my already outdated Yotaphone 2 in 2016 for $139.

    Will the Hisense A5 have the NFC?

  9. My current phone’s battery has lost about 30% of its full capacity and it’s not the easiest model to change the battery yourself (even considering I’m handy with electronics), so… 6 or 6L would be great.

  10. This e-ink only phone (a5) at this price-point (around 100$ as announced) was very interesting indeed … !!

    However, as of late November, the *actual* price is well over 200$ for the 32 gb and over 300$ for the 64 gb (in the uk this would be prior to addition of any import duty) … so much less of a bargain price-point.

    Not entirely sure (apart from cynical hype) quite how Hisense got it so wrong ??

  11. No idea what is going on (unless it is hiking the price prior to Black Friday ??)

    This evening, a 16gb a5 is listed on AliEx as 390 $ … a far cry from the much trumpeted price quoted prior to launch.