Best eBook Readers List Fall 2019

Kindle Oasis Warm Light

It’s been awhile since posting a list of the best E Ink ebook readers so here’s a list of the best ereaders as of November 2019.

I’ve already posted a list of the best PDF ereaders and the best 8-inch ebook readers earlier this year, but now let’s focus on the best overall models.

Of all the devices I’ve reviewed in the past couple of years, these are what I consider the best overall ebook readers on the current market.

Keep in mind that each person has different needs and each ebook reader has a different set of features.

What’s best for one person may not matter to someone else; it all depends on what features are most important to you in a dedicated reading device.

Please do check the reviews for more details about each model.

Kindle Oasis 3 – Best Overall eBook Reader

In years past, the Kindle Paperwhite held the top spot on this list because of the combination of price and overall features, and while it’s still arguably the best value Kindle, the new Kindle Oasis 3 is a much nicer device overall.

Now that Amazon has added a warm frontlight feature to the Kindle Oasis, it has the best, most evenly-lit frontlight of any ebook reader yet.

Having dedicated page buttons is also a notable advantage for the Oasis. That coupled with its unique design makes it very comfortable to hold for long reading sessions.

The main negative with the Kindle Oasis is the high price, but that can be mitigated somewhat by trading in an old Kindle to get 25% off.

Price: $249 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis 3 Review »

Kobo Aura – Best Budget eReader

Kobo Aura

Earlier in the year I called the Kobo Aura the best entry-level ebook reader under $100, and that was when it was $99.

Now that Walmart is selling the Kobo Aura for $69 it’s a no-brainer for a frontlit 6-inch ebook reader.

That’s $20 less than the entry-level Kindle, plus another $20 on top of that to get one without ads. Couple that with the fact that the Kobo Aura has a higher resolution screen and it’s not even close.

Plus the Kobo Aura has OverDrive support built-in to easily get free ebooks from public libraries.

Price: $69 at Walmart
Kobo Aura Review »

Onyx Boox Note2 – Best Large eReader

Onyx Note2

Ever since reviewing the Onyx Note Pro earlier this year, it has won me over as the best large-screen ebook reader on the market, and since the Note Pro was just replaced by the Note2, it now takes the spot as the top large model. There’s also the smaller 7.8-inch Nova Pro that’s really nice too.

With a 10.3-inch E Ink screen, the Note2 isn’t the largest model on the market. There are a few 13.3-inch ereaders, including the Onyx Max3, but I just feel like the Note model is a better overall value considering the significantly lower price and the fact that it has a frontlight, unlike all the 13.3-inch models.

I don’t have the Note2 review posted just yet, but you can refer to the Note Pro review in the meantime, as it’s 90% the same. In fact they are so similar I would consider the Note Pro the better value for as long as Onyx continues to sell it for $100 less than the Note2.

Price: $549 at Amazon
Onyx Note2 Review » (pending)

24 Responses to “Best eBook Readers List Fall 2019”

  1. Definitely subjective, of course. I find the Oasis 2 to be the least comfortable to hold of any reader I’ve ever owned. Since the 3 is exactly the same in that regard, the light isn’t worth the upgrade for me.

  2. These sound like solid choices to me.

  3. …and for all the Kobo readers: support of Pocket app (LOVE THIS) and side loading of books is rather straightforward.

  4. And for the mid sizes, 6.8-8 inches, what would be your recommendation.

  5. I love my three Kindles. An Oasis 2 for the kitchen and living room, a Voyage for the downstairs family tv room (for when the wife is watching mediocre singers on The Voice) and a Fire HD8 on the bedside table for lights out reading with an inky black background. With whispersync they all keep my place.

    My favourite is the Oasis which I find to be very comfortable to hold one handed when I’m dealing with a cat on my lap. The Voyage is more pocketable though which is nice for taking along to the mall and sitting while the wife is in Macys or Nordstrom.

    Kindle gives me the best of both worlds. I can access my extensive library in the Amazon bookstore or books in Kindle format ebooks from my library via Overdrive.When I find a book only in Epub, I can strip it and convert it in Calibre and email the book to my Kindle library as a doc.

  6. Hi Nathan, Is there any noticeable difference in the contrast of the text in 300 ppi 8 inch ereader and 227 ppi 10. inch ereader ?

    • Yeah, a little. The smaller menu items and smaller text appear very sharp with the 300 ppi screen on the Nova Pro, for instance. But everything is scaled up on larger screens so it’s not really an issue unless you use really small font sizes or heavily detailed images.

  7. Hello, why isn’t the 7.8 inch Pocketbook inkpad mentioned here? It’s any excellent light and pretty device.Low battery use. Creating many personal possibilities and acces to all different bookformats! I love it and am awaiting their 10.3 inch device which will be comming soon!

  8. If I have a personal collection of some 1400 books (some 3G memory,Mobi and PDF) organised by me in files,subfiles and sub-subfiles which is the best ereader to support it? Now I use an Android tablet.

  9. Hi Nathen

    What do you think of the new Likebook Ares note ? Seems to be a good contender to the nova pro .

    • The problem with Likebooks is the software is buggier and isn’t on the same level as Onyx’s features-wise. If they were $50 cheaper it might be worth accepting less features, but they insist on charging nearly as much as Onyx so I don’t recommend them.

      • Thanks for the reply
        I own onyx n96 this is my only ereader so far , i am considering a new one , the nova pro looks good alternative based on your reviwes and also other sites recommend it , i saw your video on running the kindle app on the boox note which looks good , do you think there is a massive jump between the n96 and the nova pro in terms of responsiveness and running third party apps ?

        • Yeah, there is a big bump in performance from those older Booxs that only had 1GHz processors and 1GB of RAM. These newer ones are a lot faster and more responsive.

          • Thanks
            Keep the great work in bringing us the latest news on ereaders and e ink tech. , by the way your videos are extremly informative even more than the videos from the great guys at goodereader so BIG thumbs up for your efforts sir 🙂

  10. I own an Oasis 2 and a Kobo Forma.
    For me:
    Kobo Forma
    8″ screen size is more comfortable to read need for tiny fonts.
    More comfortable to hold with larger radius corners. Plastic body resists temperature.
    Page numbers
    Pocket integration…great for reading articles

    Indexing makes it easy to find keywords across my entire library
    Easy to upgrade the dictionary
    Ability to see other people’s highlights
    Even lighting

  11. I have a couple of Kindle Paperwhitres, a Kobo Aura, and recently I got a Kobo Libra H20 from Walmart.

    It took them a minute to get the software right, but I really n now like the libra the most. At $179, cheaper than the competition, and great for sideloading. Can’t wait for your review.

  12. Hi, everyone. I really need your honest opinion, about should I choose between Kindle Oasis 3 or Onyx Boox Nova Pro? English isn’t my first language. But I have been learning to read many english literature mostly from ebooks. I love to buy books from Google Play Books because Amazon doesn’t really does business in my country. I had used Kindle Paperwhite 3 before. I like its portability and the screen was great. But I want e-reader with a bigger screen and support a lot of format. I know, I can use calibre/epubor to make the task easier, but the reading experience isn’t as good as the kindle native format (azw/kfx). So, which one should I buy?
    Thanks for your opinion. ?

  13. I disagree. My best pics Is Kobo Clara, Kobo Libra and kindle Oasis

  14. I’m super frustrated. After almost 15 years with the Kindle Keyboards, I’m finally starting to hit a wall. I’m desperate to replace one (I’ve got 9 right now various issues. I can repair them but that’s gotten seriously old.
    I’d like to replace it but I’m having the following issues:
    The NEW Kindle APP, and devices ( Oasis, Paperwhite waterproof ) all use software that doesn’t let you purchase from the app. Not sure why you’d need 3g etc but. I’ve already purchased and returned them. I have the crappy app on my phone and hate it. I NEED a reader. I need a reader that uses the e-paper because glowing screens are a issue for me. I prefer to click a button to turn a page.
    The Kindle Oasis was too heavy and unbalanced to make it a good thing.
    I’m going to cry when I say goodbye to my 1K + books but I will if I need to. I just want to read without stress. Ideas?

    • Sorry, I don’t follow what the problem is. All Kindles can buy ebooks from the devices themselves. What about a Kindle Voyage? It has sensor buttons. Lots of people still think it’s the best Kindle and refurbs are cheap at Woot.

    • Yeah, I have to agree with Nathan. It’s quite easy to use the device itself to purchase books. Just log onto wifi.

      The voyage would be perfect for you.