New Onyx Update v2.2.1 Released for Boox Note Pro and Nova Pro

Onyx Boox Note Pro

Onyx has announced the release of a new software update for their lineup of Boox ereaders that run Android 6.0.

So far the initial release is only available for the Note Pro and Nova Pro models, but other Boox models should be getting the update soon too, probably this week.

The new update version is 2.2.1.

This update brings a lot of changes, although Onyx notes that the Android 9.0 update and split screen feature released with the Max3 and Note2 won’t be available just yet.

This goes to show that the Android 9 update really doesn’t mean much of anything at all from a user perspective since they brought most of the new features and UI updates to the old Android 6 software as well.

They’re already working on a 2.2.2 update with even more new features.

To download the update, you can go to the settings section on your device and download the update from there. Onyx also has the update files available to download from the support section of their website.

Here’s the changelog for the 2.2.1 update:

Neo Reader:

1. Now highlights on flow documents can be exported to third-party services (EverNote, OneNote).
2. Add a right-left page-turning mode (the initial pages on the right side).
3. Optimized the toolbar of scribble and sidenote. For the brush and eraser tools, single-click to toggle tools, and double-click to expand more options.
4. Add a setting for showing a bookmark, which can be disabled via Settings-Global Settings.
5. Optimized the page preview (every 1/4/9 pages).

6. Now users can add a specific password or use a screen lock password for notes.
7. Auto-refresh after lifting the stylus, 500ms by default, which can be customized.
8. Optimized the toolbar of Note. For the brush and eraser tools, single-click to toggle tools, and double-click to expand more options.
9. Optimized the toolbar interface. All toolbars have been moved to the top.
Support to customize the tool positions on the toolbar.
10. Add a feature of AI original recognition, showing the converted text at the original handwriting position.
11. Now it allows inserting images to notes.
App optimization:
12. Automatically optimize third-party apps with default optimization settings when they’re opened. Allow to manually customize the settings.
13. App optimization now is only available with the Navigation ball. Canceled the way of long-pressing icons for calling out app optimization.
14. The display modes (normal mode, speed mode, A2 mode, X mode) can be set for every app.
15. Add the options of full-page, volume to Navigation Ball settings.

16. The Navigation ball is enabled by default (for quickly running app optimization).
17. The global display modes (normal mode, speed mode, A2 mode, X mode) are prior to the display mode settings for individual apps.
18. Add a global contrast setting.
19. Add a built-in display rotation feature (support 4 directions).
20. Speech recognition supports punctuation recognition. There’s no pause time limit now (only for devices with Mic).
21. Add a system setting: Settings — Password (the original library settings have been moved to the pull-down menu of Library interface).
22. The storage can be shown in a list or two columns.
23. Optimized some other UI.

26 Responses to “New Onyx Update v2.2.1 Released for Boox Note Pro and Nova Pro”

  1. Tried to find the update the boox website only shows update 2.1.2 no sign of update 2.2.1

  2. Looks like the update is available for the Nova Pro now, but it is not yet available for the Nova.

  3. They completely changed the way app optimization works. Honestly, I don’t like it so far; especially with using the Kindle app. Any help with app optimization would be appreciated.

  4. I installed the update early this morning. It seems to my old, tired eyes that the display is crisper with the new update. Some of the icons have changed and there is now a “Global Contrast” and “Display” mode icon on the top bar of the home page.

    I checked and found that the DPI setting for the Kindle and Kobo apps (all apps?) under app customization is now set to 350DPI by default. The device has only 300DPI according Onyx, so when I set the Kindle app’s DPI back to 300, its functionality seemed to return to what I remembered from the previous software. I usually use Moon+ Reader to read MOBI and AZW books, so I am going on memory here. I did find it difficult to set the DPI to 300, it seems that the smaller (‘S’ in a circle) and larger (‘L’ in a circle) buttons subtract or add 5 DPI, and finding exactly 300 by clicking on the slider was impossible, even with the stylus. So I would recommend just taping the ‘S’ ten times to reduce the DPI to 300.

    • David, I noticed the same thing too. The contrast seems to be a little bit better and slightly sharper. I have a number of fonts I added that didn’t render as nicely as I would have liked but will try them again. So far I do like what I see.

  5. just installed the update on my note pro and was trying to disable the bookmark setting as described under 4 in the changelog. However, was unable to locate a ‘Global Settings’ submenu under ‘Settings’. What am I missing here?

    4. Add a setting for showing a bookmark, which can be disabled via Settings-Global Settings

  6. Nathan,
    Do the Boox readers index like Kindles?

  7. I’m using a Note Pro and looking for the update says that there is no package available. :/

  8. Does someone understand this issue?:

    There’s a site in where you can order the Note Pro from and it’s said it’s only for Europe and VAT is included.

    But if you try to buy it, after two steps they say tariffs are not included.

    Is it possible to charge VAT and not tariffs? I think it’s a trick to increase its price 51$ more because if you don’t say you’re from Europe, it costs 51$ less.

    Is it a trap for anyone unsuspected?

    • I have no idea what Onyx’s VAT/tariffs policy is; you should probably ask them. But they’re advertising a 7% off discount on Black Friday when ordering from their website so you’d probably be better off waiting a couple more days anyway.

  9. I’m not a fan of the new notetaking toolbar. It is now in the writing space.

  10. I like that they finally made the pinch zoom more managable, you can finally zoom comfortably without having to use two hands.

    I do think they could have found a middle ground though as I’m sure some people would find its’ sensitivity too much.

  11. I have noticed that since I installed the 2.2.1 version of the firmware, I can no longer turn the front light on by long pressing the physical “back” button. Has anyone else noticed this?

  12. The update really messed up the Neo Reader app for me…
    when I click on the scribble option, there are really fewer options than before. I accidentally clicked the “+” on the Line Width of the pen, but there is no “-” so I’m stuck with a really thick writing line!
    Plus, I don’t have the option of a top toolbar at all, and even the battery percentage isn’t showing even though I already enabled this option in the settings…
    Does anyone know the solution for any of my issues?

    • You can swipe down from the top to access the menu at any time. All the pen options for scribbling on documents are there like before, just with an updated design. They barely even changed anything with the Neo Reader app, aside from adding more features for notes, so I don’t see what the problem is unless something got screwed up during the update.

  13. I’ve upgraded my Boox Nova Pro to version 2.2.1 and it’s a total nightmare. I use the device for work which is no longer possible. It’s slow, I cannot mark and move things that are now hidden by the tool bar in notes. The pen does nutty stuff, sometimes it won’t let me erase, sometimes it erases what I just wrote for no reason. The templates have changed size, meaning that my everything is completely misaligned now. There’s no more thumbnail view in the file browser.

  14. I’m considering buying the Nova Plus here in the netherlands for 250€. I really want an Android ereader and this seems like the best option.

  15. I have the same problem like Chriss,
    “I cannot mark and move things that are now hidden by the tool bar in notes”

    Please solve it!!