Nook Glowlight Plus on Sale for $169, Sony DPT-CP1 $448, Plus Likebook Deals

Nook Glowlight Plus

Amazon started their Black Friday Kindle deals a few days ago, and now some other deals on ereaders are starting to crop up.

The 7.8-inch Nook Glowlight Plus is currently on sale at Barnes and Noble for $169. That’s $30 off the regular price and it’s the first time that it has gone on sale since it was released in June.

Additionally, the 6-inch Nook Glowlight 3 is expected to go on sale for $89 for Black Friday. Odd that it’s not on sale now.

Another deal I noticed is the 10.3-inch Sony DPT-CP1 for $448 at Amazon, which is the lowest price I’ve seen it selling for. It originally sold for $599 when it was first released but it’s been selling for closer to $499 recently.

There are a couple of minor deals on Likebooks as well. The 7.8-inch Likebook Mars is $20 off the price that it usually sells for, but considering it’s now 2 years old that’s not saying much.

There’s also a $30 off coupon for the 10.3-inch Likebook Mimas, taking the price down to $429—it’s lowest price yet.

Still no Kobo sales, though. That’s nothing new. They never seem to do anything good for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They usually just take like $20 off their lowest end model and call it a day. Hopefully Walmart will put some Kobos on sale later this week.

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