Get a Refurbished Kobo Libra for $100

Kobo Libra H2O Review

The Kobo Libra is Kobo’s latest dedicated reading device and it normally sells for $169, but now you can get a refurbished one for $100.69 with free shipping.

It’s available from Walmart’s website but it’s being sold by a 3rd party seller, not Walmart or Kobo.

The same seller, VIPOUTLET, a company known for selling a number of refurbished products, has been selling them off and on at that price for a couple months now.

They usually only have a few in stock at one time—as of this writing there’s only four—but they keep coming back with more so keep an eye on the page if you miss out this time and still want a good deal on the Kobo Libra.

They’ve also had the white version listed a few times but it’s usually priced around $150 and it’s out of stock right now.

$100 for the Kobo Libra is a surprisingly good price for a 7-inch ebook reader with page buttons and a color-adjusting frontlight. At that price I’m tempted to get another one to see if the frontlight is better than the one I reviewed, but most people don’t seem to care either way.

See my Kobo Libra review for more details about the device and to see it in action.

Refurbished Kobo Libra

3 Responses to “Get a Refurbished Kobo Libra for $100”

  1. Nathan, if you could have just one e-Reader, your main daily driver and nothing else, which one would you choose and why?

    • Caro, personally i think everyone’s needs are different. My favorite e-reader is my Boox Nova 7.8. Just the right size, it has awesome pdf support, and equally awesome support for handwritten notes on epubs (wow!).

      But people have different needs. Don’t get drawn in by features just because they sound cool, because you’ll never use them, you just won’t. (Like I just can’t use the waterproofing thing, I don’t even own a hot tub, pool or live by the sea).

      This Kobo is incredibly cheaply priced. It’s waterproof and has hardware buttons (I can use those!). I want to get it, but I have enough gadgets, and my inner adult is telling me “no”.

      With the Kobo, you’re on the Kobo store for your books, I believe. And with Kindle you’re definitely on the Amazon book store. I don’t know if he’s done a review of the stores, but it could make the difference for you. I just don’t know much about Kobo’s store. I’m browsing it, and it looks nice. For one book I looked up (K&R C Programming Language), the Kobo book was a tiny bit cheaper, not sure how it works out overall.

      Yep, I want to buy this one (If I win the lotto I’m going to start an ebook reader collection, and carry them all around all the time, on the back of that robot dog made by that creepy robot company, a bit like Rincewind).

    • Aaron makes some good points. It’s going to be different based on content, portability, and a number of other variables. For me right now the Kindle Oasis 3 is my favorite when it comes to reading ebooks because of the page buttons and the fact that it has the best frontlight. But if I need to read some long PDF manuals it’s definitely not going to be a good choice. For PDFs I would much prefer using the Onyx Note2. Those are my two favorites at the moment, and both are very different.