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Pixelar MReader - Violet

Pixelar MReader Review

Here’s a review of the MReader ebook reader that hails from a company called Pixelar in the UK. The review covers all the details about Pixelar’s MReader and includes a hands-on video review and some photos. The MReader has WiFi built-in but the feature hasn’t been added to the firmware just yet because they are […]

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MReader Touch 6-inch

Two New Pixelar MReaders with SiPix Touch Screens

Pixelar has two new ebook readers available for pre-order, called MReaders. There’s a 6-inch version and a 9-inch model. Both come with WiFi and have SiPix touchscreens. SiPix is an alternative to the more widely used E Ink screens. Both utilize the same type of electrophoretic technology, but use different methods to achieve the end […]

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Pixelar MReader

New Pixelar MReader Available for Pre Order

Pixelar is a UK-based company that sells digital photo frames, baby monitors, and other electronics such as ebook readers. They’ve been selling HanLin ereaders for awhile now, and have just recently added the Pixelar MReader to their shop. The Pixelar MReader has a 6-inch E Ink display with 16 levels of gray and a resolution […]

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