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Would it Be Better if Kobo Were Sold to a US Company?

With the recent announcement that Rakuten is planning to sell OverDrive to KKR, it makes you wonder if Rakuten is going to sell Kobo, their other ebook business, at some point down the line as well. Rakuten is a Japanese company that purchased Kobo, a Canadian-based company, back in 2012 for 315 million dollars. Rakuten […]

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New Kobo Firmware Update 4.19.14123 Released

Kobo has released another software update for their lineup of ebook readers. All models are included in the update, except the poor ole Kobo Mini which seems to have been banished for reasons unknown. The new software version is 4.19.14123. According to Kobo’s changelog, they’ve made some changes to the settings for headers and footers, […]

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Kobo Clara HD Review

Kobo Clara HD On Sale for $99 Until Christmas

Kobo has put the 6-inch Kobo Clara HD on sale again for $99, the same sale they had over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. It’s available from the usual places, including, Walmart, and Amazon, although on Amazon it says that it won’t be in stock until the 20th of December. On Kobo’s website […]

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Kobo Birthday

Kobo Celebrating 10th Birthday – Interactive Timeline

Kobo is celebrating their 10th birthday this month. Before they were Kobo they were Shortcovers so they’ve been around longer than that, but they rebranded the company to Kobo in December 2009. They posted a nifty interactive timeline on their website that shows how Kobo has evolved over the past ten years. The timeline lists […]

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Walmart eBooks Gift Card

$50 Walmart eBook Gift Card for Kobo eBooks On Sale for $40

I happened to notice that Walmart is currently selling $50 Walmart eBook gift cards for only $40. They can be redeemed at Kobo to purchase ebooks since all Walmart does is funnel ebook sales to Kobo’s website with a Walmart logo on it. So basically you can get $50 worth of ebooks for $40, or […]

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Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma Marked Down to $235 on Amazon

The Kobo Forma is currently selling for $235 on Amazon with free shipping through Triplenet Pricing. While it’s only $15 off the regular price, this is the lowest I’ve seen the Kobo Forma selling for new, and since Kobo never puts it on sale this is probably about as good as it’s going to get. […]

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Kobo Black Friday Sale

Kobo Clara HD on Sale for $99 for Black Friday

Yesterday I posted about how Kobo has started offering Black Friday deals on select ebooks and their audiobook subscription plan, and now today Kobo has revealed their Black Friday “deal” on Kobo ebook readers. In typical Kobo fashion, it’s one of the weakest Black Friday sales among dedicated reading devices. Kobo is such an odd […]

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Kobo Black Friday Audiobooks Deal

Kobo’s Black Friday Audiobook and eBook Deals

Kobo has started rolling out a few Black Friday deals on audiobooks and ebooks, but so far their lineup of Kobo ereaders are still all at the regular prices so who knows if they’re going to do any sales this week or not. Kobo’s Black Friday audiobook deal takes 30% off a three month subscription, […]

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