Likebook Muses

New 7.8″ Likebook Muses Android eReader and Notepad Released

Likebook has released a new 7.8-inch E Ink ebook reader and digital notepad called the Likebook Muses. It’s available from Likebook’s Amazon store for $329 with free shipping. It’s basically an upgraded version of the Likebook Mars that was released last year.  Most of specs appear to be the same, except the Muses has twice […]

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Sony DPT-RP1

Time for eReaders to Go Back to Replicating the Experience of Reading on Paper

For the past several years ebook readers have leaned in the direction of being more like phones and tablets with glass screens and metal backs. There was a time when companies aimed to make ebook readers more book-like. Now with every year that passes it seems that most ereaders are going in the opposite direction. […]

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KIndle Paperwhite 4

Why is the Kindle Paperwhite Much Cheaper in Canada Than the US?

It’s amazing how much of a price difference there is between the Kindle Paperwhite sold in Canada and the Kindle Paperwhite sold in the US. Amazon’s marketing department has come up with a brilliant way to get people to think they are getting a better deal than they really are when purchasing new Kindles, at […]

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Witchmark by C. L. Polk is Tor’s Free eBook for February

It’s time for another free monthly ebook from Tor’s eBook of the Month Club. To get the free ebook all you have to do is sign up for Tor’s monthly newsletter over at The ebook is only free for a few days, from now through February 15th, 2019. This month’s free book is Witchmark […]

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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Android Tablet with Included Stylus

Huawei recently released the MediaPad M5 Lite in the US for $299 and it looks like a good tablet for reading and productivity with a high resolution screen and included stylus pen, plus it has some kid-friendly features. The tablet has a 10.1-inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, and it has […]

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eBook App

Best Alternative iOS Reading Apps to Apple Books

Ever since Apple updated the iBooks app with the release of iOS 12, a lot of people have been voicing their complete and utter dislike of the new app, which is now called “Books” instead of iBooks. The main purpose of the update was clearly to try and sell people more ebooks—and Apple didn’t make […]

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Kindle Trade up Deal

Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of 25% off Kindle Trade-in Deal

If you have an older Kindle just sitting in a drawer somewhere that you’re not using anymore, or if you just want to trade up to a newer model, don’t miss the chance to capitalize on Amazon’s 25% off Kindle trade-in deal. I’ve posted about it before like with this tip to get a Kindle […]

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Kobo Glo HD

Why Can’t Kindles and Other eReaders Sort eBooks by Genre?

Why is that when you go to buy ebooks everything is separated into different genres, but then after you buy ebooks there’s no way to sort them by genre? Sure, you can use collections on ereaders like Kindles and Kobos but you have to go through and manually create a bunch of collections and then […]

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