Kids Kindle Now Supports Audiobooks After Latest Update

Amazon has issued a software update for the new Kindle Kids Edition that was released back in October. The update adds support for Audible audiobooks as part of a Freetime Unlimited subscription. Parents can now also add Audible audiobooks from their library to a child’s profile. Listening to audiobooks on Kindles requires using Bluetooth speakers […]

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New Kobo Firmware Update 4.19.14123 Released

Kobo has released another software update for their lineup of ebook readers. All models are included in the update, except the poor ole Kobo Mini which seems to have been banished for reasons unknown. The new software version is 4.19.14123. According to Kobo’s changelog, they’ve made some changes to the settings for headers and footers, […]

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Kobo Clara HD Review

Kobo Clara HD On Sale for $99 Until Christmas

Kobo has put the 6-inch Kobo Clara HD on sale again for $99, the same sale they had over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. It’s available from the usual places, including, Walmart, and Amazon, although on Amazon it says that it won’t be in stock until the 20th of December. On Kobo’s website […]

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Kobo Birthday

Kobo Celebrating 10th Birthday – Interactive Timeline

Kobo is celebrating their 10th birthday this month. Before they were Kobo they were Shortcovers so they’ve been around longer than that, but they rebranded the company to Kobo in December 2009. They posted a nifty interactive timeline on their website that shows how Kobo has evolved over the past ten years. The timeline lists […]

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Kids Kindle

Why is the New Kindle Kids Edition So Disliked?

Amazon’s latest attempt at a Kids Kindle looks like it’s going to be another bomb just like the previous two attempts. The weird thing about it is it’s the exact same Kindle as the entry-level model. In fact the Kids Kindle is actually a better bargain because of the extended 2-year warranty, the included cover, […]

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Walmart eBooks Gift Card

$50 Walmart eBook Gift Card for Kobo eBooks On Sale for $40

I happened to notice that Walmart is currently selling $50 Walmart eBook gift cards for only $40. They can be redeemed at Kobo to purchase ebooks since all Walmart does is funnel ebook sales to Kobo’s website with a Walmart logo on it. So basically you can get $50 worth of ebooks for $40, or […]

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Kindle Paperwhite Blue

Kindles On Sale for the Holidays – $99 Kindle Paperwhite, $69 Kindle

Amazon has put the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite on sale again for the holiday shopping season. The prices aren’t quite as low as their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but you can still get up to $35 off the regular price. The new Kids Kindle is on sale too, and the 32GB Kindle Oasis […]

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Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma Marked Down to $235 on Amazon

The Kobo Forma is currently selling for $235 on Amazon with free shipping through Triplenet Pricing. While it’s only $15 off the regular price, this is the lowest I’ve seen the Kobo Forma selling for new, and since Kobo never puts it on sale this is probably about as good as it’s going to get. […]

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