Kobo Overdrive

Best eBook Readers for Reading Public Library eBooks

Someone sent an email yesterday asking what’s the best ebook reader for reading ebooks from public libraries and I thought that would be a good topic for a blog post. There are a few different library ebook services, including OverDrive, CloudLibrary, and Axis 360, but the most popular one is OverDrive. Personally I’ve only used […]

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KIndle Paperwhite 4

Comparing the New Kindle with the Kindle Paperwhite – On Paper

With Amazon announcing a new entry-level Kindle that’s getting released in April, let’s take a look at the differences between it and the new Kindle Paperwhite that was released four months ago. I’ll post a hands-on comparison with a video review showing the differences between the two latest Kindles after the new one gets released, […]

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Refurbished Kindle Deals at Woot Starting at $23

There are several previous generation Kindles on sale at Woot again. Everything dried up for awhile but now there are some good deals for value-seekers out there. Some of the Kindles are listed as refurbished, some are scratch and dent, and they also have brand new Kindle Voyages for $129. For those with a 1st […]

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New Kindle 2019

New Entry-Level Kindle with Frontlight Getting Released April 10th

Amazon has just announced a new Kindle for 2019. It’s a new entry-level model with similar specs to the previous model, but it has an updated design and they added a frontlight. The new Kindle gets released on April 10th. Pre-orders start now. It sells for $89 with ads and $109 without. It’s available in […]

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Onyx Android

How to Enable Google Play App on Onyx Boox eReaders (Video)

Onyx’s ebook readers run Android 6.0 and have the ability to install apps from Google Play, but by default the Play Store app does not show up on Onyx’s ereaders until you enable it from the settings menu. However, enabling the app isn’t enough because it will just give an error message about the device […]

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New iPad Mini Released with Better Screen and Apple Pencil Support

It turns out the new iPad Mini rumors were true. After nearly four years, Apple has finally released an updated iPad Mini, along with a new 10.5-inch iPad Air. The new iPad Mini costs $399 for the 64GB version and $549 for the 256GB version—add another $130 to those prices for the cellular models. The […]

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Unexpected World

10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Book Deals

Here’s a list of 10 free high highly-rated Kindle ebooks for your Sunday. Amazon also has a list of Kindle ebooks on sale today only (March 17th) for one of their main Deals of the Day, which includes highly-rated biographies and memoirs. They’ve also got a list of digital magazines on sale for one of […]

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2016 Kindle

Is the Entry-Level Kindle Being Replaced or Phased Out?

With the recent clearance sale on the entry-level Kindle, it’s now sold out and Amazon is only selling it as refurbished and used. New Kindles are listed as “currently unavailable” without an expected restocking date. Usually when Amazon does this sort of thing it means the Kindle model is on the way out. They’ll probably […]

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