Helmets and Lipstick

10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – July 7th

Here’s a roundup of 10 free highly-rated Kindle ebooks for Sunday. Also, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription deals are still active with a discount of up to 40% off, and the 2nd gen Kindle Oasis is still $50 off with the newer model taking its place, and refurbs are marked down even lower. Please note that […]

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Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis Refurbs Marked Down to $169

Ever since Amazon announced the upcoming release of the Kindle Oasis 3 with adjustable frontlight color, which comes out later this month, the price of the Kindle Oasis 2 has plummeted to all-time lows. Amazon now has the refurbished Kindle Oasis 2 on sale for $169—$40 off the regular price. That’s $30 less than the […]

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Kindle Credit

Prime Members: Get $5 eBook Credit When Spending $20 on Kindle eBooks

Amazon has rolled out yet another promotion for Prime members. From now until July 14th, Amazon Prime members that spend $20 on Kindle books can get $5 in ebook credit back. Please note that you have to activate the offer on the promotion page before the $20 worth of purchases will count. All Kindle ebooks […]

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Kingrow K1

Video Review Showing Kingrow K1 E Ink Smartphone

One of the first video reviews showing the new Kingrow K1 smartphone recently turned up on YouTube. The Kingrow K1 is a specialized Android-powered phone with a 5.2-inch E Ink screen. Unlike regular LCD phones it’s easily readable outside in bright sunlight, and it doesn’t emit blue light, although it does have a frontlight. The […]

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Kindle Audiobooks

Why Does Amazon Make Such a Big Deal About Audiobooks on Kindles?

I can’t understand the heavy marketing push for audiobooks on Kindles. Now Amazon has started selling Kindle Audible bundles where you can get a free Audible trial with the purchase of a Kindle—the same exact Audible trial anybody can get without buying a Kindle. Obviously audiobooks are another revenue stream that Amazon wants consumers to […]

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Kindle First

Prime Members Get Two Free Kindle eBooks in July

Once again Amazon is giving Prime members the option to choose two Kindle ebooks for free from the monthly selection of new Amazon First Reads ebooks. There are eight books to choose from across different genres. The offer can be found on the Amazon First Reads page. If you are an Amazon Prime member you […]

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Kindle Oasis Wireless

Do People Still Buy Kindles with Cellular Connectivity?

Kindles are the only dedicated ebook readers with the option to have cellular connectivity to download ebooks when away from WiFi connections. Amazon calls it “free” cellular connectivity because there aren’t any monthly fees associated with using the cellular wireless features, but the cellular Kindles do cost considerably more up-front, usually about $70 more. It’s […]

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Onyx Boox Nova Pro Review

Best 8″ E Ink eBook Readers in 2019

Here’s a list of the top ebook readers available right now with 7.8-inch and 8-inch E Ink screens. The Kobo Aura One was the first ebook reader to come with a 7.8-inch E Ink screen, and now there are several options in the 7.8-inch screen size category. When it comes to dedicated reading devices, ~8″ […]

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