Nook 1st Gen

B&N Cutting Off Support for 1st Gen Nooks on June 29

Barnes and Noble has started sending out emails to customers informing them that they will no longer be supporting the 1st generation Nook as of June 29th. After that date, Nook users will no longer be able to purchase or download ebooks on the 1st gen Nook. Not only that, but customers will no longer […]

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2016 Kindle

Is the $79 Entry-Level Kindle About to Get Replaced?

There’s something going on at Amazon. Signs are pointing to a new Kindle (or two) getting released soon. Last week there was a notice on the Kindle Paperwhite’s product page saying a newer model was available, but it led to an older page and then the reference was removed after a couple of hours. And […]

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Yotaphone 3

YotaPhone 3 Dual Screen E Ink Smartphone for $499

The YotaPhone was one of the first smartphones to use a dual-screen design to add an E Ink display to the backside of a phone. Now in its third generation, the YotaPhone is still around, at least in some parts of the world. The YotaPhone 2 was never officially brought to the US and it […]

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Paperlike 3

New Paperlike 3 E Ink Monitor on Indiegogo for $900

The Paperlike 3, aka the Paperlike HD, is the latest 13.3-inch E Ink monitor from Dasung. Last week they put the Paperlike 3 up on Indiegogo for customers to place orders. It’s expected to ship next month in July so at least the wait isn’t as long as usual with these type of crowdfunding campaigns. […]

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Aibecy eBook Readers

Aibecy eBook Reader and MP3 Player for $105

Every once in a while some off-brand ebook reader that no one has ever heard of before turns up for sale at Amazon. That’s the case with the Aibecy ebook reader, which just started selling on Amazon a few days ago. There are three versions available, each with different storage configurations. The 4GB model sells […]

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The State of E Ink at SID Display Week 2018 (Video)

Charbax is back with another video interview showing E Ink’s current range of products at this year’s Display Week convention in Los Angeles. Not much has changed since the last time we saw E Ink demo their electrophoretic displays at a trade show, but they cover a wide range of products in this video. Flexible […]

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New Kindle Paperwhite Mystery

New Kindle Paperwhite Mystery Listing, Plus Paperwhite Refurbs $79

One day after Kobo announced the new Kobo Clara HD, Amazon is stirring up questions about a potential new Kindle Paperwhite. Today on the product page for the Kindle Paperwhite 3 there’s suddenly a notice about a newer version being available, but when you click on the link it leads to a dummy page labeled […]

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Kobo Clara HD

New Kobo Clara HD Now Available to Order

Kobo has announced the upcoming release of a new 6-inch ebook reader called the Kobo Clara HD. It’s up for pre-order at for $129 USD and it will get released on June 5th. Kobo decided to go back to using a 300 ppi E Ink screen on this model instead of the 212 ppi […]

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