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Kindle Light vs No Light

2019 Kindle with Frontlight Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: April 2019 – Review units purchased from Amazon Overview The new Kindle was released on April 10th, 2019. Amazon classifies it as a 10th generation Kindle model, along with the Kindle Paperwhite 4 that was released in November 2018. The main change with this new 2019 Kindle is the addition of a frontlight, […]

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Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite

2019 Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite 4 Comparison Review (Video)

Here’s a comparison review between the new Kindle for 2019 and the latest Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon refers to both as 10th generation Kindles, even though the Kindle Paperwhite was released 5 months earlier. Now that they’ve added a frontlight to the entry-level Kindle, it and the Kindle Paperwhite have never been closer in terms of […]

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Kindle Promo

Get 20% Back on Kindle Paperwhite When Using Prime Card

It looks like Amazon is trying some different promotions this month instead of doing the typical round of Kindle sales. With this latest deal you can get 20% back on the new Kindle Paperwhite when you pay with an eligible Prime card, which includes an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or an Amazon Prime Store […]

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Alexa Read Kindle Books

You Can Now Use Alexa to Manage Your Kindle Content

Amazon has rolled out a new Alexa feature to help manage your Kindle and Audible libraries using voice commands. There’s a new banner at the top of the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon notifying customers about the new feature. It says: “Using Alexa, you can now send ebooks, audiobooks, personal documents, etc., […]

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White Kindle vs Black Kindle

White Kindle or Black Kindle, Which Color is Better?

Like the previous entry-level Kindle, the new 2019 Kindle comes in both black and white versions. The Paperwhite used to have a white option as well, but now they only offer black on the new model with a flush screen. I wasn’t sure which color to choose when I first ordered the new Kindle so […]

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2019 Kindle Comparison

2019 Kindle with Frontlight Screen Comparison (Video)

Now that Amazon has released a new entry-level Kindle for 2019, I thought it would be interesting to see how it compares to the previous entry-level Kindle that was released back in 2016. They only changed a few things with the new model. The main difference is they added a frontlight. It doesn’t sound like […]

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2019 Kindle White vs Black

New 2019 Kindle with Frontlight First Impressions Review

Today was the official release date for the new entry-level Kindle for 2019. Amazon basically took the previous entry-level Kindle and added a frontlight and changed the design slightly. It still has 4GB of storage space and comes with WiFi and Bluetooth for Audible audiobooks and the VoiceView accessibility feature. The new model has the […]

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Kindle Oasis refurbished

1st Gen Kindle Oasis on Sale for $125 (Ended)

There have been a number of sales on previous generation Kindles lately, and this just might be the best deal of the bunch. Amazon currently has the 1st generation Kindle Oasis on sale for only $125—that’s $234 off the regular price. Not only that but it’s the upgraded cellular model with free 3G wireless connectivity. […]

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