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2016 Kindle

Is the $79 Entry-Level Kindle About to Get Replaced?

There’s something going on at Amazon. Signs are pointing to a new Kindle (or two) getting released soon. Last week there was a notice on the Kindle Paperwhite’s product page saying a newer model was available, but it led to an older page and then the reference was removed after a couple of hours. And […]

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New Kindle Paperwhite Mystery

New Kindle Paperwhite Mystery Listing, Plus Paperwhite Refurbs $79

One day after Kobo announced the new Kobo Clara HD, Amazon is stirring up questions about a potential new Kindle Paperwhite. Today on the product page for the Kindle Paperwhite 3 there’s suddenly a notice about a newer version being available, but when you click on the link it leads to a dummy page labeled […]

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Kindle Oasis Design

Do You Like the Kindle Oasis’s Unusual Design?

It seems that people either love or hate the unique design of Amazon’s Kindle Oasis. Both generations have the same kind of back where one side is thicker than the other, and the front has an offset look with a larger area for the page buttons on one side of the screen. I’ve heard some […]

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Onyx Boox Note Kindle

Onyx Boox Note Kindle App Review (Video)

I’ve been testing out the new Onyx Boox Note and so far I’m impressed by how much nicer it is than previous Onyx devices that I’ve reviewed. The hardware has been upgraded and they finally updated the Android version to 6.0 so it runs a lot smoother than earlier models. I’m especially surprised by how […]

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Kindle for PC Update 1.23 Adds New Features and Fonts

There’s a new update available for Amazon’s Kindle for PC application that adds new font choices and some new features. The update version is 1.23.1 (50133) and it’s available to download from Amazon’s Kindle reading apps page. Among the changes is the addition of two column mode, a needed option on a wide computer screen. […]

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Kindle Light Adjustment

Here’s How to Adjust the Screen Light on Kindles

This question comes up surprisingly often from new Kindle users, and if you’re new to Kindles and are unfamiliar with the user interface, I can see why. You’d think they would make adjusting the frontlight blatantly obvious, but that’s not the case. If you go to the settings menu or look at the main menu […]

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Kindle Software Update 5.9.5 Now Available

Amazon has started rolling out a new firmware update for Kindle ebook readers that changes how highlighting works. It’s a minor change but now there’s an additional setting that lets you turn off the highlight menu when selecting a passage of text. This helps make the highlighting process faster and more streamlined, and it enables […]

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Amazon Books

List of Amazon Retail Locations to Test Kindles in Stores

If you want to test drive a Kindle or other Amazon device in person before buying, like if you’re trying to decide which Kindle model to choose, there are a growing number of Amazon pop-up stores and Amazon Books shops across the US. They’ve got pop-up stores in shopping malls, at Whole Foods, and some […]

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