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Kobo Aura

The Best Entry-Level eBook Reader for Under $100

If you want to get into ereading but don’t want to spend a lot of money, there’s one ebook reader that stands above the rest in the sub-$100 price range. The best entry-level ebook reader to start 2019 is the Kobo Aura for $99 from Walmart. It’s by far and away a better option than […]

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Older Kobo Devices Require Update; Kobo Ending Support for Sony Readers, Kobo Mini

Kobo has started sending out emails to customers that purchased older Kobo devices and those with Sony Readers that have access to the Kobo store about an upcoming change that will be taking effect on February 28th, 2019. Older Kobo models, including the Kobo Mini, the Kobo WiFi, the Kobo Vox and Kobo Arc tablets, […]

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Kobo Forma Case

3rd Party Kobo Forma Covers Finally Starting to Surface

If you have a Kobo Forma and don’t want to buy Kobo’s official cover, a few cheaper alternatives have finally started to become available online. Whoever’s idea it was to charge $50 for Kobo’s PU leather cover was crazy; they should be using real leather for that price. Even Amazon isn’t that greedy, and their […]

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Kobo Clara HD Review

Why is Walmart Raising Prices of Kobo eReaders?

I don’t know what’s going on with the Walmart Kobo partnership but the whole thing hasn’t made a lot of sense from the beginning. You would think that Walmart would carry Kobo’s ereaders in stores for people to try out before buying, but that hasn’t happened. For awhile a few stores stocked Kobo’s lower-end model, […]

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Kobo Audiobook Sale

Get 30% off All Audiobooks at Kobo

Kobo is currently having a big sale on audiobooks from now until January 3rd. Kobo is mostly known for selling ebooks but they’ve been selling audiobooks for the past year as well. You can get 30% off all audiobooks at Kobo with coupon code SAVE30. If you like listening to audiobooks this is a good […]

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Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma Getting a Twist Test (Video)

Someone recently uploaded a YouTube video showing the Kobo Forma being subjected to a twist test. There’s nothing like YouTube to turn up weird videos of just about everything. The video raises more questions than it answers. There is no description or any indication why anybody would want to test the Kobo Forma in such […]

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Kobo Forma Review

Tip: How to Disable Swipe Screen on Kobo Forma

Here’s a quick tip that some Kobo Forma owners will appreciate. Thanks to the new Kobo software update that was released yesterday, one of the smart folks at MobileRead figured out a way to turn off the annoying swipe to turn on requirement that Kobo added to the Kobo Forma. First off, the power button […]

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New Software Update Now Available for Kobo eReaders

Kobo has released a new firmware update for pretty much their entire lineup of ebook readers past and present, except the Kobo Mini. The new software version is 4.12.12111, with a release date of December 2018. It adds a couple of nifty new features that were previously only available on the new Kobo Forma. Now […]

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