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Kobo Libra H2O Review

Kobo Libra H2O Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: October 2019 – Review unit purchased from Overview The Kobo Libra H2O was released on October 17th, 2019. It’s the first Kobo ereader to have a 7-inch E Ink screen, the same screen as the Kindle Oasis, and it’s the second Kobo model to have a design with the page buttons on […]

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Kindle Oasis vs Kobo Libra

Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kobo Libra H2O Comparison Review (Video)

When Kobo first announced the new Kobo Libra, I thought it could be a threat to the Kindle Oasis considering the $80 price difference, but ultimately the price difference makes sense. Starting at $249, the Kindle Oasis is a premium ereader and it feels and looks like one. At $169, the Kobo Libra is more […]

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Tolino eReaders

New Tolino eBook Readers Released, Android Kobo Clones

The Tolino Alliance released a new lineup of ebook readers this week, and what’s interesting is they’re all Kobo clones but they run Android-based software instead of Kobo’s software. There’s the Tolino Page 2, a 6-inch entry-level model that appears to be a clone of the Kobo Aura 2, except it has 8GB of storage […]

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Kobo Libra

Kobo’s eBook Readers Can Be Returned at Walmart Within 90 Days

Here’s something I wasn’t sure of until now. When you buy a Kobo ereader from Walmart, it is subject to Walmart’s standard return policy of 90 days. If you buy one in a retail store it’s 90 days from the date of purchase; if you buy online it’s 90 days from the time the Kobo […]

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Kobo Clara HD Review

Why is Amazon Now Selling the Kobo Clara HD?

An odd thing is occurring. Amazon has started selling the Kobo Clara HD, Kobo’s latest 6-inch ebook reader. It’s available for $119 with free shipping, which is the same price that Kobo sells it for and $10 cheaper than the equivalent Kindle Paperwhite ($30 minus ads), and unlike the Paperwhite the Kobo has a color-adjusting […]

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Kobo Dropbox

Kobo Update 4.18 Released, Adds Dropbox Support to Kobo Forma

Kobo has been busy rolling out new software updates lately. After just releasing the 4.17 update with an updated user interface two weeks ago, they’ve since issued another minor update and now they’ve just released yet another update. The new software version (for the next week, at least) is 4.18.13737 and it’s available for all […]

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Kobo Libra Inverted Mode

How to Use Inverted Text Mode on Kobo eReaders the New Easy Way

The night mode hack has been one of the more popular mods for Kobo’s ebook readers to read with white text on a black background, as some call inverted text mode. The older methods to get inverted mode to work kept getting broken with firmware updates, but nowadays there’s a much easier way to use […]

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Kobo Libra Black

New Kobo Libra H2O Now Available From Walmart

The Kobo Libra H2O was officially released yesterday on the 17th, and surprisingly, right on time, Walmart has started selling the Kobo Libra from their website in the US. They have both white and black versions of the Kobo Libra available to order with free 2-day shipping. At first they had the wrong price but […]

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