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Kobo eReaders

When Will Kobo Release New eReaders for 2016?

Kobo is almost certainly going to be releasing at least one new ebook reader in 2016, so let the speculations begin. The first clue came a month ago when some paperwork turned up at the FCC revealing what appears to be a new 7.8-inch ereader and a new 6-inch E Ink ereader. Kobo wouldn’t waste […]

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Kobo Sale

Kobo Sales: $20 off Kobo Glo HD, up to 75% off eBooks

Kobo is running a couple of different sales to kick off July. From now through July 17th, the Kobo Glo HD is marked down by $20 at and from some Canadian retailers such as Chapters.Indigo. The Glo HD is Kobo’s highest resolution ereader with its 6-inch 300 ppi E Ink Carta screen. It’s interesting […]

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New Kobo Aura One with 7.8-inch Screen and 6-inch Kobo Leaked

According to some paperwork that showed up on the FCC website this week, Kobo has a couple of new ebook readers in the works that will likely be getting released in the near future. The information at the FCC indicates the possibility of two new Kobo ereaders, one with a 6-inch screen and another with […]

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When Will Kobo Release a New eReader?

A couple of months ago I posted about how things have become oddly quiet with Kobo. You rarely hear any news coming from them anymore, nothing about new products or new features. They haven’t even updated the software for Kobo ereaders in over seven months (they used to issue updates about every month or two). […]

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Kobo Glo HD cover

Kobo Glo HD Deal, Comes with Free Sleep Cover

Kobo is running a deal on the Kobo Glo HD from now through Father’s Day, June 19th. The offer includes a free cream-colored sleep cover with the purchase of the Kobo Glo HD. The deal is available from and from Chapters.Indigo. The Kobo Glo HD sells from Kobo for $129 and from Chapters for […]

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Waterstones eBook Close

Waterstones eBook Store Closing, Accounts Getting Transferred to Kobo

Another ebook store is closing in the UK, the second one this year after Barnes and Noble closed the UK branch of their Nook Store back in March. Waterstones has decided to discontinue offering ePub ebooks and MP3 audiobooks from their website effective immediately. They’ve been selling ebooks for several years so it’s unfortunate to […]

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Kobo Glo HD

How to Reset Kobo eReaders to Fix Problems

If your Kobo ereader ever starts experiencing problems or stops working properly, there a few different reset and restart options that can usually fix common issues and sudden performance problems. Kobo’s devices have an unusual restart system where you have to stick a paperclip into a small hole. I can’t think of any other ereaders […]

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Kobo Glo HD and Kindles on Sale for Mother’s Day

Kobo has started running a sale on the Kobo Glo HD for Mother’s Day. It’s $20 off the regular price, taking it from $129 to $109. The timing is a bit odd, but then again Kobo always seems to do things differently. Unless their shipping has improved significantly I doubt they’d even get it delivered […]

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