Sony Reader Store Exclusive: The Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives

At the end of last year, Sony announced that they'd be offering some exclusive content in their reader store through a partnership with Dow Jones & Company for The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch.

And now, on April 29th, Sony announced in a press release another Sony Reader Store exclusive with The Days of our Lives ebook, which sells for $13.99.

About the book:

The Days of our Lives is the first insider account of the history behind one of our most beloved soap operas. It is about the family who believed in it, conceived it, and sometimes seemed to live it along with millions of viewers, as they struggled to emerge from nowhere to create and produce one of the most successful and enduring television shows in history.

Ken Corday reveals the triumphs and tragedies behind the scenes over the years, a moving personal story of a family facing everything from death to mental illness, the ever-looming threat of cancellation, and the struggle to keep their dream alive. It is also the story of an extended familyactors, producers, and crewwho formed a bond of love that went beyond just creating a show to establishing a legacy.

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