Samsung E-6 Removed From, US Release Doubtful

Samsung E60

As noted in the previous post about the Samsung E-60 being available in France, Korea, and the Netherlands, I had sent an email to inquiring about the US version of the Samsung ebook reader, the E-6, that has been listed for pre-order on their website for several months.

Yesterday I received two emails from JR and it doesn’t look good for the Samsung E-6 in the US. The first email mentioned that the particular Samsung model is not available from the manufacturer, and that there is no expected timetable for it.

The second email was a standard stock alert email that said, “We are sorry to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable provide you with this information. At the current time, we are unable to obtain sufficient information from the manufacturer as to when or if we will be receiving a shipment.”

And with that, the Samsung E-6 ebook reader has been officially removed from the JR website altogether. With no other retailers in the US, it doesn’t look like it will be coming to the US any time soon.

I don’t see why Samsung is so eager to completely drop the US market altogether. The device was listed at $299. It has a lot going for it—Wi-Fi, touchscreen, slide out keyboard, Samsung’s brand name—and even with all the current ebook reader price wars they could have taken a little off the price and still carved out a market.

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