Fedex Botched My PRS-350 Delivery (Updated)


Yep. It’s true. The geniuses at Fedex delivered my PRS-350 to the wrong address. How’s that for a kick in the crotch?

And to make matters worse I called up the 800 number, talked to a representative that sounded eerily like a computer (I honestly couldn’t tell at first), and gave her all my information and she said that she would send it along to the local office and that they’d call me right back.

Five hours later and I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m not getting any phone call back. I’ve since moved on to email.

The crazy thing is this is the second time this has happened in the last 4 times I’ve been forced to use Fedex (I say forced because it’s not like the merchants give us a choice). At least the last time this happened the person who received it was nice enough to drop it by my house. Not so lucky this time. Someone’s probably playing with my shiny new PRS-350 right now trying to figure out what in the hell it is.

Update: Good news. Fedex managed to redeem themselves by getting the PRS-350 delivered the following evening. While I would have been happier if they would’ve at least given me a coupon or something for the trouble, I’m glad that they did get the problem figured out.

The PRS-350 is now charging. And what’s good is that I’m already very familiar with Sony’s ereaders so it won’t take me long to figure all the new features and get a video posted hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.

3 Responses to “Fedex Botched My PRS-350 Delivery (Updated)”

  1. Oh no.
    I`ve been waiting for your review!

  2. I’ll try to help here, since your site has helped me countless times since I found it. 🙂

    I work in Customer Service for an online computer parts vendor, all our business is on the web. When FedEx effs up (and they do that new and then), the best solution for our customers is to call us and tell us. We are the ones who paid FedEx to deliver the order, we are their customer. So we contact FedEx and tell them, and they investigate and either find the order or reimburse us. While they are doing that, we take care of our own customer by shipping out a replacement (within reason… we do not send out $1,000 orders just because someone asks for them).

    Call the vendor you bought it from, tell them that FedEx screwed things up and that you talked to FedEx already, but you want to let them know, and that you want to know what they can do to help you, since this is not your fault. It’s FedEx’s fault. They should have a procedure in place for how to handle lost and/or mis-delivered shipments. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be doing business online.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the advice, Mimsy. Unfortunately, I ordered from Sony and their customer service isn’t very helpful. I sent them an email yesterday saying that the PRS-350 was delivered to the wrong address and that I was concerned that the same thing would happen to the 650 when it ships later today, and this is the response I got:

    I am happy to inform you that your order for a Reader Pocket Edition™ PRS350SC has shipped as of September 10 and the anticipated delivery date for this item is September 15 via FedEx tracking number xxxxx. And it was shipped to this address xxxx. You may also track the order on

    However the model number Reader Touch Edition™ PRS650BC will be available on September 16. Rest assured that we will send you an email once your order ships.

    Judging by that response I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t even read my email. Hopefully Fedex will get it straightened out today.